The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

The two men started their talks.

Mr. Fitzgerald, was a taller man, who seemed in relatively good condition. He seemed to be around mid forties, dressed in a crisp black suit, along with a red tie, with cleanly cut black hair.

Mr. Meyers, on the other hand, was of average height and slim build, appearing to be older, somewhere in his fifties or sixties. He wore a nice white suit and hat, covering his bald head, and wore black shades over his eyes.

The debate would continue strongly, though with not much of interest to the heroes listening in, until one topic is brought up:

“So, what is your stance on the superpowered individuals going around the city?” The one person asks the candidates.

Fitzgerald is the first to respond. “They seem to be in for our best interest, for the most part, and seem to be our best bet for defeating those with such abilities that decide to work against us. If we can begin to work together with them, perhaps it could lead to a great future of our great city.”

“And what about this Silver Tongue we keep hearing about?” They ask as a follow up.

Fitzgerald is silent for a moment. “That is one I’m not sure on. Honestly, I’m unsure if such a person even exists.” He posits, letting it sink in for a second. “Think about it, no one has claimed to see the man, and no records on him seem to exist. To me, it seems like a cover up for something. Maybe a way to sow distrust in superpowered individuals among the populous, as to stop them from doing what they do to protect us.”

After a brief pause, the more soft-spoken Mr. Meyers spoke up. “As for me, I believe that, while they have our best interests at heart, they must be held accountable for their actions. As such, they should all face due process for any crimes they commit, in good intention or otherwise. And as for Mr. Silver Tongue, he will be treated just as the rest, as an accused, until guilt can be proven or disproven.”

With that, the debate concludes, and they both ready to leave.

Runa, who had watched the whole thing from within the bushes, decided to look up the two candidates, to see if either seemed especially fishy.


Daven watches and decides it would best if kept watch from a distance. He backs away from the park, as if he was going to leave.

CB watched from his hiding spot, writing notes and trying to feel out if there were any tells of any funny business or superpower usage in either candidate.

He wouldn’t be able to find any such tells, and neither seemed to be using superhuman abilities.

The salesman watched over Parvus, who was devining someone in a fountain, “are you sure that’s him?” He asked, to which she nods.
“Yes, he’s the one that I sensed pitty from.” She replied, “though why you’re up in arms about it confuses me.”
Bluntly he replied, “Partially because I promised you that it wouldn’t happen again, and partially because I’m bored.”

Runa finds results and goes over them.

Jason Fitzgerald had been in the business of politics for most of his adult life. In this life was included what seemed to be some accusation of corruption that was dropped quite quickly after it was brought to the public eye, almost forgot about.

Flynn Meyers, on the other hand, was new to this sort of thing, instead seeming to be a psychiatric therapist of sorts, running Meyers’ Psychiatric Practice almost completely on his lonesome.

Keeping this in mind, Runa snuck off back into the city, looking for any more leads on Silver Tongue.

Coldblood’s eyes scanned the sewer system.
What do you see?
The electronic voice in his head asked.
“I don’t know, just-” Coldblood was unable to finish his entrance, as water suddenly rushed through the system, and wiped him out, forcing him through the Sewer tunnels like it was some twisted waterpark ride.

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IC: Vance showed up a little late in a casual outfit, out of interest of what they had to say about superhumans and otherwise, being a political enthusiast.

OOC: Probably not; even if it is, I don’t expect to have it confirmed.

IC: Pulse continues scaling the wall, stopping near the top. He couldn’t say he was in any particular mood for a fight right now; especially not two on one. Hopefully if he stayed quiet they would think he had left…

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And time is probably mid-morning by now.

Mirror starts walking towards that side of the building, but stops. “Well, seems I’m being called to do something else right now.” She says calmly. “Oh well. Shade, how about you take care of whoever that is?” She says, walking out of the building.

Shade growls as he looks up towards where Pulse was, darkness condensing near his back.


Daven walks over across the street and watches from just outside the park.

He might see a glint of metal from within a nearby set of bushes, something rustling in them, getting continually further from the center of the park.

Pulse pulls himself on top of the building, bouncing over to where he had last heard Mirror. He stays low as he gets to the edge of the roof, trying to see where she was headed.

He would see her heading towards the water.

The shadows around Shade’s back suddenly condense into a pair or demonic wings, and he lunges up at where Pulse just was, ripping into the wall.

While Pulse is startled by the attack, he isn’t directly harmed by it. He crouches on the edge of the roof, watching the strange woman get smaller on the street below. He wanted to go after her; she could have information he wanted. But could he really just leave the other one behind? It could go on a rampage, or something.

Shade looks around, but doesn’t see his target.

…Until he looks up onto the roof.

He hops onto the roof and faces Pulse.

Mirror, once at the water, looks at her reflection, then steps off the pier, falling in. The water ripples for a small bit, but only just around where she went in, and only for a few seconds at most. Then, it calmed again.

CB noticed some of the commotion between Pulse and Shade and decides to watch, wanting to see if he could get any useful information relating to Silver Tongue to give to the Society out of it.

The salesman appeared behind him, “spying is such a crass action,” he mused

“You’re one to talk.” CB said in his gruff ‘villain’ voice, not turning to face Salesman as he watched the conflict above.

“is that so? Of you insist I could make it much easier for you…” He reply, leaning closer as he did, such that the final few words were that of whispers in his ear