The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Pulse pulls his punch to the side, avoiding the counterattack and haphazardly slamming into Shade. He launches a telekinetic push from his torso, attempting to push himself off of the villain.

Zack was asleep at his desk, having spent a lot of his energy over the course of the past 24 hours.

Shade is shoved back, catching himself midair. He lands on the roof and waits.

Daven nods,
“Look, I understand that there is the boogeyman lurking in the streets and it is you mission to solve it at all costs. However… I’m coming to. This is too good to miss out.”

Kaleo’s class goes as expected and he packs his bag, filled with his written notes. He had taken pictures of each page of notes with his phone and uploaded them digitally to a cloud folder, which he organized by subject(class)-month-day. After they were uploaded there was little need for his hard copies, which he liked to store away in case of a blackout, such as earlier. Kaleo was easily paranoid.

“Then do that on your own. I don’t need another person trying to ‘help’ and getting me caught.” He says, starting to back away again, turning towards where he heard the voice emanating from.

Pulse stumbles back into some semblance of a ready position. What could he do? If he ran, would the villain follow him? Was there some way to signal nearby heroes for help? …there were local heroes, right? No, no time to think; he had to act. He lunges forward once more, his lunge then turning into a slide as he sweeps his legs into Shade’s.

Shade waits until he’s in Pulse’s shadow, then raises tendrils out of it, blocking him and dragging them both through it, into the dark building.

Mirror walks the alleys, looking for the one that Silver Tongue had instructed her to find. “Where could a metal man even hide?” She wonders aloud.

Daven shrugs,
“You assume I’ll be caught. At least I know they can’t kill me that easily, after all your laser didn’t get me…then again you gave me time to prepare… in a real fight I wouldn’t have that luxury.”

“Exactly. And it’s not that you’ll get caught, even if you get out, you could get me caught.” He tells him as he looks around for the source of the voice.

Daven thinks about it,
“I’ve been in plenty of street fights before, so it wouldn’t be like I’m not experienced. I can handle myself.”

“Against what, thugs?” He asked, turning to face him. “Your common street rat?”

“Pretty anyone who decided they wanted to fight me…fun fact guns don’t work on me and I can get the bullet to they shoot to orbit my shield and hit them instead. Fun times.”

“But have you fought…say, giant constructs of metal shards? Men who can teleport at will? Giant reptile men?” He asks, taking a step closer. “And that was just today. They are more than any thug you could have faced. I’m not sure if I could trust you to handle that. So do it where your carcass won’t be in my way when if falls.” He says, turning back to look for the source of the voice.(@Mctoran)

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“I’ve done fives on one before. It’s funny when you get to redirect their punches to hit their own ally…”

“Normal people won’t be able to get past that shield.” Runa said to him. “But others like us, like you, could. Don’t think it couldn’t happen.”

“I know, I know, but unless there’s a good way to get around it that doesn’t involve a moving object, I can’t really think of what could.”
Daven says.

“Warping of time and space.” He responds. “Catching you off guard, wearing out whatever it is that lets you keep it up. It’s much easier than you seem to realize.”

“Isn’t warping space kinda using kinetic energy and thus moving space?”

“There are many ways it can happen, some that break our known conception of reality. I’m not sure which the one I saw uses, but it’s still something to be wary of.”

Daven sits down and thinks,
“Well…if the movement of space uses no kinetic energy, then it could be a result of some negative that is removing the positive space…ARGHH! this is too complex! I would just redirect the attack if they used a wormhole anyways…it shouldn’t be that hard if they attack from front then most likely the attack would come from the back or above, seeing as those are kill spots… and any attack through said wormhole would be at least using kinetic energy, so I would be able to manipulate its course, like I did with your laser. At best I could manipulate the attack to go around me and attack the attacker with his own bullet. Though…if it isn’t a projectile…”

Kaleo sighs as he sits though his next class writing notes and recording audio. Today has been a long day and he was tired. First he had to get to his ■■■■■ at work, then for some reason there was a blackout and he needed to fix that at his work place, then he needed to get lunch that was easily perishable, and now he’s at his college and sitting through a few lectures. What a life.