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When reading through an old bionicle encyclopedia, I noticed some interesting things.

As some of you may be able to tell, This is not the Hau Nuva, but in fact a red Kaukau Nuva (Gali’s mask)

They did the same thing with the “Kakama Nuva”, Its a brown Miru Nuva.

And It’s not only the pictures; read this section from Norik’s entry.

All of those were from the bionicle encyclopedia first edition. I also found some in a visorak instruction booklet.

Keep in mind that this is the blue one.

The white visorak in this one has the black one behind him. See the orange?

So have you seen any mistakes in instructions? Did you notice these mistakes too? Let me know.


The markings on 2016 Lewa’s mask are black i my instructions.

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Post a picture!

I don’t have 'em with me right now.

I could post a pic tomorrow morning if i rememberI doubt it thought

I’m not sure if mine have any errors, but I should probably check, these are kinda funny

That same encyclopaedia (the Kakama Nuva) also has Turaga Matau as ‘Turaga Inika Matau’ (I can’t find my copy of the book to take a picture of it).

That’s actually with all of them. It’s not a mistake, it’s just the way the instructions are designed.

Every edge of every piece has a black outline in the instructions. The design in the mask is just so complicated that the outline overpowers the green, thus creating a sort of black strip going down the mask.

I believe this is visible on Pohatus instructions as well. It’s not necessarily intentional, but not really a mistake.


Gali Unter of water left leg, it has an impossible angle on the box

I can’t post a picture now, could someone do that?


I don’t see it

the one with the vorox armor, is that possible?

I don’t know, but it looks like it goes right through the friction adder,

Yes, it’s on a balljoint that can swivel side to side.

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I think I noticed the two mask errors in the encyclopedia and those Visorak instruction things. Never thought much about it, though.

But at least I have the encyclopidia in english. The german translation of “Makuta’s guide to the universe” just seems like it was translated by someone who has never heard of Bionicle before and didn’t take the task seriously at that.

A few examples (I’ll try my best to translate them back into english):

  • many, many errors with singular and plural: In English it would mostly just have been “the” like in “the Toa” could mean “that one Toa” or “these Toa” and the translator(s?) screwed up with this pretty often.
    Apparently just one of the Toa Metru was created and the island of Mata Nui faced an invasion by one single Bohrok. Same with Piraka sometimes (seriously, in one sentence it’s the plural and in the next the toa defeated just one Piraka). The Brotherhood of Makuta also just seems to consist out of two beings - Teridax, and his brother, Makuta

  • (translation) errors: The Toa Hagah stole the mask of light from the Brotherhood, but apparently they brought the mask of time with them to Metru Nui. The Matoran of Le-Koro lived in the treetops between “grapevine shoots” - no wonder then, why they always were so light spirited… The Zyglak were half human. And the Shadow Leech Hive was a beehive.

  • names - I seriously hope this wasn’t so messed up in the original: Takuta instead of Takua, Vazon instead of Vezon, Mount Valmau instead of Mount Valmai …

Seriously, german kids reading this must have been pretty confused.


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Issue: Tahu lost his arm. Good job, LEGO.

Instead of a badly-posed arm, Tahu had his 5M shell placed the wrong way. LEGO’s promotion of the fire guys went really well.

Kulta has an improperly-built arm, an impossible connection, and his neck slid off. Floaty-head Kulta will haunt your dreams.


I see the last two mistakes but not the first one, to be honest.

EDIT: Never mind I see it now. It’s pretty funny.


Lewa’s shoulder blades are the wrong way around.


Hey! That’s right over there!


It sure is.


Fly You Fools…


I will now never unsee that. Hilarious!