The Relationship Topic

Might as well elaborate for ya’lls entertainment.
(I’m from Texas so I’m legally allowed to say ya’ll)

So she went to that camp I was at last summer. Didn’t think much about it because the ol’ Head was in the clouds (I’m sure you know how that worked out :gregf: ) but yeah, so she left camp last year with a boyfriend (that looked like a rat I might add) and they broke up a while ago, from what her best friend told me, due to not being able to see each other often enough (from his point of view). Anyways, the Insta works its magic, a comment here, a comment there, a funny story, and a DM slide, and bang we are in business.
Side note she called me silly goose (?) yesterday so that’s gotta be good amiright.

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So you like her or it’s a mutual thing

I think it’s mutual but neither of us have said it yet

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Oh ok

OK, I’m not sure if I have brought this up, but I am currently seeing someone long distance. 3000km might I add, while I’m away for the summer, sometimes just texting it feels like she’s losing interest, thoughts?

Also, I’ve been away for about as long a time as I was home while we were together, and I’m not sure where we’re at with it. I’m just a little lost mah dudes


Is it only long distance while you’re away?

I just got out of a long distance thing a month or so ago. There were several points where I thought she was losing interest. It’s really hard to tell

Yeah, but I’m going to be gone for months

From my experience, girls lose interest very easily. If she’s not super into it, leave it be. You’re better off not worrying about someone who no longer likes you.
Hopefully she does still like you though.


Do you videochat? That might help.

Aren’t mixed messages fun. She seemingly told her friend that I like her and I can’t tell what that means

Now it depends of her friends.

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Well idk much but ik a lot more ppl will probably find out based on the friend

This year, 10th grade, I’ll probably start working on getting into a real relationship.

That way I have everything screwed on tight before i get into something.

As I said, depends of the friends. If they are food persons, they will not spread the news.
Like… I’ve been in a very similar situation in my second fiasco. However, to my infinite joy, nobody said anything.
Well, at least as much as I am aware.

Yeah she’s not a bad person she’s just loose-mouthed

EDIT: and then, one random Thursday, EVRYTHING CHANGED

Do go on.


I concur

It’s someone else. That’s all I’ll say at the moment

You can’t hype us up and just leave!
Someone else?
Did she cheat?