The Relationship Topic

You can’t hype us up and just leave!
Someone else?
Did she cheat?

I wasn’t with anyone before lol

Let me guess: the Fire Nation attacked? you fell for a girl who was already in a relationship?

No nation but she is pretty fire xP [quote=“Runa, post:2174, topic:9297”]
you fell for a girl who was already in a relationship?
No I’m in the beginnings of a relationship

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Well, I just got a bit of news.
Apparently the girl I like doesn’t like me back.
Surprisingly, i am not that cut up about it. And i kinda suspected it, which lessens the blow greatly.

Back to square one.

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Don’t worry, you get used to it


Yeah… I might.

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Personally lost track of how many times I’ve been rejected

I just fancy everyone
Including you and your nan

Another lil drop of tea we’ve been together before

Impractical, I rack out at 10 which is 8 for her, which means she’s still at work

After a year and a half now I am also back at square one


That sucks, dude. Best of luck.

It’s all good. truthfully I should have posted that about a month and a half ago

Edit: Actually if anyone would like me to elaborate I will do so happily. Likewise if anyone has any questions.

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Aw sorry bro

Honestly it’s no worries. I ended it, it was the right thing to do

Can’t be rejected if you don’t have anyone to ask out

In all seriousness, I’m a total loner, should I tell you the epilogue to that story with the girl?

We tried to be friends but her and her friends honestly hated me…

And me and my other friends drifted apart

My only real friends right now are on the TTV MB

But this is the most cringy and funny topic here

I think I’ve experienced the same thing my dude, once in the past

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I’ve also been through not one, but two fiascos.
And the worst thing is that the second one is on-going.
Or at least it may have a sequel.

If you could sum up my love life in one sentence…