The Relationship Topic

Instructions unclear, built sun-like nuclear energy device that is endangering New York.

I’m certain it’ll stabilize.


If you’re looking for advice in dating you’re already doing it wrong

by that I mean- if you aren’t enough and need to augment your behavior to appeal to someone, it’s not gonna work out. Just talk to whoever unfortunate girl you got your eyes on and see if there’s sparks. Don’t need a topic with two thousand posts about it if there aren’t any.


Going off of this:

I think I can appreciate my relationship with my food and that it is a delicious nutrient… like hamburgers…

In all seriousness I think we should honestly just appreciate the friends we have and how at least a few of them have been through thick and thin with us. I know while some of my friends are a bit more recent and don’t know my entire past I can still trust them for what they have been through with me.

My problem is just opening up to people in general. It may be easy for you, not so for social enept folks like me. I need motivation and tips because just opening up to anyone is hard yet I desire to be with someone.

It’s a hard impasse.

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You might not be ready for a rela if you cannt socia at 100% yet. Consider trying to talk to one new person a day?


I’ll attempt that. It sounds like good practice. Thanks for the good advice.


I’ve been a person dedicated to studying and my personal hobbies, and only that. I’ve spent most of my life as a loner, purposefully staying away from social interaction. I had been just fine like this, and tought of staying like this till the end of times.

However, my perception of who I am has recently changed, and for the first time in my life, I felt something for someone outside my family. The wierdest part is that this isn’t the first candidate I’ve met. In a funny way, it seems like multiple lasses seem to have an interest, or perhaps that’s me thinking too deeply. But one of them took me by surprise, who also happened to be the least likely one I would have tought of.

I’m afraid of this, of what I’ll become. I want to stay true to who I am, but now everything is in jeopardy, and I need guidance now. For I know not what I must do.

I don’t think this is true. Self-improvement and change is very important in a relationship. The ones that last are usually the ones where both partners not only communicate well, but also make an effort to change behaviors that might be negative and detrimental.

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No I agree with that. I’m referring to the initial courting process. IE obviously don’t pretend to be something you’re not to try to appeal to someone you aren’t dating yet. It’s miscommunication, in my opinion.You also shouldn’t be looking to people for any advice that should otherwise be common sense.

I dunno, I believe anyone who’s already in a relationship with enough sufficient communication with their partner would never bother coming here- for advice, or even worse, to complain.

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I think she may be more interested in Spiderman at this point.


So I’ve been working at a local grocery store for about four months now, and there’s cute girl who works in the deli that I’ve been getting along with pretty well.

Now I’m not hoping for anything romantic. Learning from past experience, I know if I expect things to go any further than “good friend” I’ll only be disappointed.

Thing is most of our interactions have been really small since we work in two seperate departments. Her a deli worker, and I a courtesy clerk. But she’s still really pleasant to talk to. She’s a very cheerful person, and I’m definitely gonna try to get to know her as much as I can.

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Good luck!

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Good luck dude!
Don’t let yourself fall for her, though. that’s going to be super important.

If it is perfect, then maybe go for it, but only if everything lines up.

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Like I said, based off of passed experience I know getting to know someone with the hope of a potential relationship in mind it will not end well. No matter how lonely I feel my primary goal will always be to make friends with people I think are interesting. And only after I’ve known them for a while will I legitimately consider romance.

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Having you considered making a blog or a livejournal for these lengthy life updates? Just so I don’t have to scroll though all the others to maintain a solid understanding of the canon so far


What am I your soap opera?

Though that blog idea isn’t half bad. I’ll definitely think about doing something like that.


No comment, Truman.


I like being able to vent. It helps.

Also ow.


Anyway, I see where you’re coming from. I didn’t think I posted that often, but I could also try to keep my “venting posts” shorter. Also that dedicated blog idea is really good. Definitely gonna do that.

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No no, by all means keep your posts long

just be sure to link us your blog when it’s made

might i suggest blogspot?


Thanks! I’ll definitely look into it.