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To add, eventually you have to be direct, it’s never going to just happen.


I greatly agree.

You won’t go to a dance with someone if you don’t ask.
Well, I mean, you could, but the chances are slim, especially if you’re a guy.

You know what really helps to get a GF, though?
Being a gentleman.
I’m serious.
It helps, it shows them that you are kind, thoughtful, polite, and willing to help out.

Oh… ok. Noted :joy::joy::joy:

Unless it’s a girl-ask-guy thing.


Honestly I’m 100% okay with this if the guy isn’t a scaredy-cat and she just made the move first. Opinions?


Yeah I don’t think it’s the worst thing. Not preferable imo tho

I mean, if it was just a coincidence and a matter of bad timing, yeah.
Not good.

Went on my first date a while ago. Apparently shooting your first date in the shoulder isn’t a good idea, but my family always said to do it? Everyone I’ve talked to it about has said I was stupid for doing it??? What did I do wrong??? Is shooting your crush in the shoulder on the first date not a sign of affection in your families???

Now that I think about it, shooting my uncle in the shoulder on accident could’ve gone really bad on my first hunting trip…oof.


But like


being nice doesn’t mean the women flock to you bro


Doesn’t hurt either. There’s no problem with being nice. It helps better than being a jerk.


First off I would like one of those :sob:

You’ve out did yourself this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK for clarification Anyways I think shooting someone is something thats never a good idea.

Many things, many things indeed m8.

Nope, which could be ironic considering my viking heritage. I’m not exactly sure if I’m an actual decendent of a viking but telling people that makes me look cooler, right?

Big OOF…

Now I’m gonna let you all ridicule me for being a totally lamo when it comes to relationships.

So its been awhile since I talked about whats happening in my love life and thats because nothing happens really. Well you remember the last girl I talked about, right? It turns out that we’re somewhat friends now, kinda. Of course we’re not like best buds but we talk on occasions. Anyways because of my stupidity from last year I’m trying not to mentioned what happened since thats a rabbit hole I don’t want to fall into, unless she mentions it cause then I’ll know that she might have a problem with it and then we could work things out from there maybe. As it stands having things stay the way they are right now is probably the best idea I’ve had in a while.

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Can anyone relate?

Girl- Hi

Me- Do you like Bionicle?

Girl- leaves

Me- Well, since you asked, my favourite set happens to be Tahu Nuva. Fun fact- In the Bionicle lore the Mata version of Tahu was submerged in energized protodermis which resulted in him becoming a Toa Nuva

Me- Actually to be honest Makuta Teridax is quite a unique set. Maybe he is my favourite. Hey did you know I have a 5 chin hole Kraahkan?

4 hours later

Me- Hey, you still there?


I usually don’t bring it up to begin with. At least not as introduction. I wait until we’re at least friends.

I’m amazed that you guys are still that seriously into Bionicle. No offense meant at all.


Not just nice, though.
Being a gentleman is so much more than nice.
Smarts help.

I dunno if I mentioned, but the girl I like and I are both Anglophiles.

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*tips fedora


Lol that thing before was just a joke.
I don’t bring Bionicle up, unless the opportunity is given lol.
Plus I only talk to male friends and family friends that are female. They already know my obsession.

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My lord, this place is just the gift that keeps on giving :stuck_out_tongue:


I can talk about anything nerdy with my gal. She’s pretty awesome!!


Off topic but just reading through and I’m pumped to see @Saxton still exists :joy:

Also reading @MataNuiNuva 's story feels bad, I feel like I can relate but I can’t remember exactly why…