The Yesterday Crew

This won’t be the post I use to enter these guys into their respective contests (whenever that ends up happening), but I did want to get them out there in one place in anticipation of their contests.

Toa Zaria

For lack of a better term, Zaria is the most “out-of-date” MOC of the three, as he is the only one I’ve yet to render with his canonical staff as of the time this post goes up (btw, I imagine his staff being something like a bo-staff that he can metalbend into any shape he needs for a giving situation), instead retaining the original sword and shield that I gave him in September. I was just as surprised as everyone else with the revelation but quickly came to accept it. In my headcanon, he had a sword and shield, but abandoned them after he was forced to use them to kill a Makuta.

Who was this Makuta?

Those who know me and my Bionicle postings elsewhere online will know this Makuta as Dybbuk. His story will be for another time.

Toa Chiara

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about Chiara. I gave her a Metru torso partially it’s slimmer and looks slightly feminine when compared to an Inika torso. The Hordika chest is there solely to add silver to the color scheme so I wouldn’t have to paint a Volitak if I ever attempted to build her in real life. Not seen in this render, Chiara does have a pin on her back to store her spear when not in use, which is the only thing about her MOC that I’ve changed since first designing her.

Toa Orde

I will concede that Orde is probably the silliest-looking MOC of the three, and not just because of the mask, but I honestly think there’s a certain charm about it. I also did have to make some sacrifices to ensure that every piece is actually available in these colors so that he’d be feasibly buildable irl without painting (you can probably tell how much I struggled when I got to the arms) but I think the result is worth it. He even keeps the Mata gear function and adds a ball joint for friction Bomonga-style.


Oh these look pretty cool. I think Chiara is my favorite, her spear looks really good.


Ah yes, medium blue Orde. Very good.


I like the backwards shins on Zaria

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Good stuff! My only recommendation would be to change Orde’s feet so that it differs from his shin armor. Other than that, great work!

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I like you used Inika hahli’s marble piece for Chiara! :blush:

And I’m so glad to you using my Orde’s mace… :wink: :revolving_hearts:


The Makooti mask looks surprisingly good on Orde.

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It’s a simple design but quite effective. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That would be tough since the Metru feet are the only feet parts that come in flat dark gold but it’s definitely worth looking into.


I love your interpretation of Zaria’s staff; it’s, dare I say, genius. For Orde, I’m concerned about the poseability of his legs; have you tried rotating his hip connections 90 degrees so he can get more forward motion out of them? It’d make him kinda dummy thicc though

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It’s definitely something I could try.

You say that like I’m afraid of giving bonks somewhat silly proportions and haven’t already given him thunder thighs.

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Fair point. Maybe a medium blue instead, to match the hands?

Replacing the shins or feet with golden slizer heads could work. Or you could swamp out the shins for upside down nuva breastplates

Definitely something to consider.

Slizer heads do not come in FDG.

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They come in metallic gold though

oops, my bad