TheJerminator's Toa Hagah (Canon Contest #3: Honour Guard)

These are my Toa Hagah entries. Breakdown photos have been provided in the form of full instructions.

The main goal of my design process was to give each Hagah a unique metallic colour that would make them stand out from other Toa. With that, let’s start with the one that stands out the most:


Pouks Details

Pouks was the first of the Hagah I designed, and was originally going to be my only entry. Since I designed the model with physical parts first, Pouks uses slightly more advanced armour techniques, though they don’t appear any more complex from the outside.

Since building this model physically would require painting, I did my best to use parts that were both more modern and easier to paint; this led to quite a bit of CCBS usage. I even chose the spear tip specifically because it got a modern rerelease in Bionicle G2.

I painted some sample parts to show what the colours look like in real life:

Credit to KhingK for the mask. I was disappointed when the design didn’t get canonized in the Helryx contest, so I decided to give it another chance here.

Next, Kualus:

Kualus Details

Kualus was my next favourite Hagah to design, and it was a challenge to use only the limited number of metallic green parts officially released by Lego. I ultimately failed this challenge, though, since the feet are recoloured. Kualus has always struck me as being more lightly-armoured than his teammates, which is the idea that I was aiming for with his chest armour.

My favourite part of this model is the blue highlight in the Subzero Spear, with Kualus’s colour scheme being a close second.


Bomonga Details

As with Kualus, the main challenge of Bomonga was finding enough official parts in metallic blue, which I would have been able to do, if not for’s lack of Knight’s Kingdom parts.

Credit to Galva for the standard Shelek.

Finally, Gaaki:

Gaaki Details

I didn’t have too many ideas for Gaaki but I figured I might as well round out the team, so I just used the coolest colour I could find useable pieces in: glitter trans-clear. As with Kualus, the only challenge was the feet.

It should be noted that this model uses a 3d-printed part on the Tidal Spear, as an adapter between the Technic axle and the Duplo spear tip.

Team Shot:


Since consistency matters to quite a few people, I have summarized some of the key “consistency” topics:

  • All six Hagah have unique metallic colours, masks, eye colours, and spear tips
  • 2/2/2 split on shins
  • All six Hagah have the same forearms and spear shaft lengths
  • Even distribution of new vs. old masks; Kualus uses an existing mask with a known power, Gaaki uses an existing mask with an unknown power, Bomonga uses a custom mask with a known power, and Pouks uses a custom mask with an unknown power.
  • Gaaki, Bomonga, and Kualus have the standard “1-pin-1-function” gearbox design. Due to his chest armour, Pouks has two pin-articulated arms, though the model maintains the external appearance of having a gear function.
Height Comparison

I’m not sure what’s up with Bomonga’s shoulders. I copy/pasted the part from @Huemus 's Hagah file (thanks, by the way), and it worked through multiple closings and openings of my Bomonga file, but then suddenly stopped recognizing it. I got the main renders though, so it’s all good.)


Do I give consent to change the following aspects of the models?

Mask: No
Spear: No
Colour: No

Mask: I don’t care; try to keep it as a pre-existing mask.
Spear: No
Colour: No

Mask: No
Spear: Change it to resemble Part 47462
Colour: No

Mask: Sure
Spear: No
Colour: No


Pouks’s Mask: Great Mask of Psychometry by KhingK - Thingiverse
Bomonga’s Shelek: Great Shelek (Unshapeshifted) by Galva - Thingiverse
Tidal Spear Adapter: Axle-to-Duplo Adapter (NOT AN OFFICIAL PART) by the_jerminator - Thingiverse
Instruction and Files: Hagah Contest Files - Google Drive

Hopefully I published this topic with enough time left to fix anything that needs to be before officially submitting it.


I don’t think I much like translucent Gaaki. It pretty much requires people to 3D print all of those parts. Does it match with a real lego color?

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Yes. It’s the same colour that the Avohkii came in in 2003. The only parts that require printing are the feet and mask.

EDIT: And shield, obviously.

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I see (I guess I should’ve read the Gaaki details). Not sure if that’ll count as a metallic color. Good luck, anyway, though!

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Good entries. Other than pink Pouks, I don’t think I’ve seen the Toa with that color combination.

I find really fun and ingenious using the super battle droid as armor, good job. And I’m glad you put my part to good use. Sorry for the bad model :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I wouldn’t consider glitter a metallic color and I don’t know if the moderators will accept it, but hey, go for it.


Here before you get disqualified for really stretching the definition of a metallic color.


You did it. It’s Bluemonga :heart_eyes:

Not sure about pink Pouks or vomit-coloured Kualus but the glitter Gaaki is an interesting idea.


I think the green on kualus is a reference to his design as a rahaga in bionicle 3, which had green as an accent color.

i don’t know if these are gonna get through, but…
swippity swapped the tippity topic to lego creations my fellow giggity gamer
(you must have misclicked)

These are just some really strange entries.

I genuinely can’t see how you posted your idea for making Pouks pink on this forum multiple times, and received the same negative feedback multiple times, and still thought it was a good idea. It seems like a really strange hill to die on. Furthermore, never mind the fact that your Gaakis armour isn’t metallic, the arbitrary restriction that you placed yourself under in regards to recolouring parts has resulted in a MOC that looks scrappy at best. I mean, for petes sake, you’re using a DUPLO fairy wand as the staff blade. You were willing to recolour the feet and the mask, but not a spear tip or a chest piece? Why? That not even mentioning the fact that, due to this colour choice, your Gaaki would be almost impossible to reproduce with any sort of ease.

You have throughout the prelude of this contest and during the contest proper, been… shall we say “vocal” about what rules and restriction you think the entries should follow. To think that this is what you had in mind that whole time… Well its just creative decisions that i can’t wrap my head around.


All of these have very odd colors, but that guarantees they stand out.

Edit: not sure how well they would be in canon, though, despite the fact that they’re very unique.

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Oh my god I didn’t even realize that. That’s amazing.

Because I like it. I said I wanted Pink Pouks, and I made it happen.

It’s pointy. Like a spear.

Because I ran out of time for the feet, and people are already willing to 3d-print masks.

I’ve had these models mostly complete with all the existing parts that you seem to have a problem with for a few weeks now, but I couldn’t figure out the feet. I would have preferred to have the feet be made from existing parts as well, but the deadline was coming up so I just took the easy way out and did my renders.

At the end of the day, I don’t see how my Gaaki’s spear and chest armour are any worse than other entries that have been submitted.

What are you implying with the “shall we say”? I participated, same as a lot of other people.

I didn’t have anything here “in mind” when discussing rules. You seem to be saying that I tried to influence the rules for personal reasons, to get my designs through, but I don’t see when I could have done that.

Especially since I didn’t start any work on these besides spitballing colours until after the entry period started.


I’m really happy with the way he turned out, especially since he was a later addition to the lineup.

Yeah, that’s unfortunate.

He supposed to be metallic green, but the renders kept coming out looking too gold for my liking (as can be seen in the front-side-back photos). I had to play with the settings a lot for that main render to make it look green enough, and that’s the best I could get.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clear, translucent metal before.

I gotta say, these are some poor color choices


That’s because it’s a rare metal in a fictional universe.

Also, a quick Google search tells me that transparent metal actually does exist. I’m not sure how much of that is out-of-context clickbait, though.

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Your excuse is that because it’s a fictional universe, you can have a translucent armor even though in that same fictional universe there’s no mention of something like that?

Dude you can’t make up stuff just cuz you want to. Fiction or not, you have to play by the rules of that universe, otherwise you


Break canon

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Yeah apologies for potentially being a bit blunt with that. isn’t very good with metallic colours in my experience too.

Feels like a bit of an overreaction (same for the guy whose username is dangerously close to being profanity). Trans glitter is a bold move, one which I’m not sure everyone will appreciate - but metals in the MU aren’t really metals anyway, so there’s nothing saying you can’t have a metal that looks like that.

Also just checked: you can only get transparent metals if they’re less than a thousandth of a millimetre thick. But trans glitter is opaque enough for that not to matter.


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If you can give me a source forbidding translucent metals in Bionicle canon, I’ll withdraw my Gaaki entry.

With all of the Bionicle-type stuff that goes on in Bionicle, it seems somewhat pointless to draw the line at something that we can almost do in real life.

EDIT: Actually, you know what:



You can edit your first post and copy/paste your second one into it.

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Lmao something we can almost do in real life?
So we can’t do it at all right now meaning it doesn’t exist.

Well it’s the same reason why WholesomeGadunka’s artakha couldn’t have a transforming hammer as part of the gimmick because the story didn’t make a mention of it and the TTV cast discarded that idea.

So unless double standards are going to happen, I doubt the translucent armor would be allowed

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Eh I’m on mobile. Too much effort :stuck_out_tongue:

That argument doesn’t work in a fantasy world (I get why people say Bionicle is sci-fi, but there’s no way half of the tech would work in our own world). All canon says is “rare metals”. A transparent fantasy metal seems pretty rare to me.

The canonical argument has less weight than a technical one. BrickLink doesn’t categorise it as a metallic/chrome/pearl colour at least.

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