Toa Bomonga - BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard

Bomonga, the Imposing

The existing Toa Metru & Hagah were missing some of the diversity in shape/silhouette that the Toa Mata & Nuva had through inverted torsos, and I wanted to add some of that variety into the Hagah, while still obviously looking like a cohesive team.

Toa Bomonga_Special Edition

For the most part Bomonga is pretty standard for a Metru build, with construction that could easily have come from an official set. I wanted to avoid excessive detail or greebling as that could look out of place next to Norik & Iruini. A lot of his pieces are also present in the existing Hagah sets.

Using extra Metru torsos as shoulder pieces gives him differentiation from other Metru builds without dramatically increasing build complexity. He’s immediately recognizable, while still clearly being a member of the Hagah.

To compensate for his extra bulk I made him on the shorter side (only 1 unit taller than Whenua), giving him a stocky look that would be very imposing when enlarged by the powers of the mask of growth. I gave his mask the appearance of a Great Komau since it fitted the heavily armored, squat look of the rest of his build. The mask is also the only piece that doesn’t exist in these colors already!

For those who saw my earlier version of him, I decided to change the metallic color from gold to silver. Gold seemed a little too ostentatious for a quiet, less social Toa, and I think the silver is nice and cohesive while letting attention be drawn to his eyes.
I also adjusted the armor placement following feedback from @Mesonak (Thanks by the way :smile: what you said convinced me to polish him up and enter).
Also thanks to @THE_DOOR_OPENER for pointing out how well Inika shoulder armor sits on the back of a Metru torso!

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: No
I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: Yes (I think silver suits his character, but happy for it to be changed for overall team consistency)
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: Yes

Front, Side & Back Views:

Breakdown (gearbox is standard Metru construction): link here


When you are so insecure about your shoulder muscular structure that you pad it out to look as big as your body.


i like it but i dont know if its maybe a bit much and will be out of place.

He clearly skipped leg day. Nice work.

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Neat moc, good luck

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you realize you’re allowed to say no right
neat moc, anyway. doesn’t fit with my ‘does it look like it came out of a canister’ rule that i’m going by when voting, but it is fun.


ye lol he neat but he dont exactly match a cannister and he gonna look too buff next to other hagah maybe

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Love the style, but it’s a little too exaggerated for me. Good luck, though!


I actually quite like the comically large muscles. It’s just unique enough for the Metru-ish-ness to still come through. Don’t really know about the red eyes, though, combined with the black and silver he looks like a Toa of Shadow. Still pretty good.


Very NICE! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
He has unique Proportion, and it reminds me Pohatu or Onua!


Thanks! That kind of build variety is what I was going for. My only gripe with the official metru builds is that they aren’t as diverse as a lot of the other toa


Someone didn’t skip arms day.