Toa Hagah (Art Contest #3: Honor Guard)

Revised entry


It’s good, but it won’t be accepted, as you changed; Bomongas limbs and shoulder armor, Pouks’ chest armor, didn’t really draw Kualus and didn’t include Kualus’ scarf.


I am in the process of writing my artistic decisions, and I am sticking by them considering how by staff admission Bomonga’s winning MOC should have been disqualified. So at the very least I am expecting some flexibility on his model. But to address your points:

-Bomonga’s shoulders have been changed in other accepted entries aside from mine so I followed suit.
-Kualus’ scarf is drawn in, and it’s still a scarf regardless of whether it’s on his neck or not. I like to think that he helped use it to smuggle the Avohkii out and so that’s how I drew it.
-Pouks’ thigh armor is changed by multiple entries and that wasn’t a problem. Additionally the barraki foot and the hordika foot are nearly identical, but the hordika foot has the benefit of being much more common and thus easy to buy and color.

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Those shouldn’t have done that either.

Ah ok. but you turned it green

Thats because somebody (I don’t remember who) asked about it specifically. And it was oked since it wasn’t visible on the winning photo.

Well ok thats kinda understandable.


Yeah, I’ll concede that I did push some limits, but I think it’s within reason and precedent. It’s clearly not a troll entry like the Noodlryx MOC/art fiasco and I put a lot of hard work into it. I’m doing my best to stay faithful to the builds but also added some artistic decisions here or there that I think would make the Hagah more cohesive, which was a huge debate on these forums. I also understood the art portion as the solution to only having a MOC contest, since the art was supposed to be a way to dress up cohesion problems. Ultimately, I think if people like it enough and they vote for it, then it says more about the entry than what the rules should have eliminated (looking at you Bomonga). I just hope there is some consistency there.


All the ideas and artistic changes on the entries are very good here. Background is pretty much ideal incorporation of original Bomonga/big Bomonga.
Avohki looked like a Studio render, until I looked very closely.
Kualus on the whole looks a bit like this.
How does Gaaki turn her head backwards!?

But still, you have my vote almost certainly.

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Ah yes, Gaaki is awkwardly turned like that because I wanted to be honest with the Gaaki changes in the illustration. It does come across as female-pose syndrome though.

Re: renders, I do use them for my vectors, but rest assured the final product is not a render!

Even if this gets disqualified, it still looks pretty good.

I have to say, I just looked through the other entries, and I didn’t see a single one that changed bomonga’s shoulder armor. Or any shoulder armor for that matter. Regardless, this is very well done, and hopefully you are right to think that ttv will allow this to proceed into the contest. Good luck!

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As others have said this will probably get disqualified, but it’s still very cool. I really dig the Bomonga vs Roodaka in ten background

Full list of problems I’ve been able to spot so far, for those who don’t want to look too closely:

  • green scarf on kualus, which he’s also not actually wearing
  • vahki limbs on smaller bomonga
  • wrong eyes for pouks & bomonga
  • lhikan hau for bomonga’s shoulder armor
  • no armpit gears on smaller bomonga
  • wrong chest armor on pouks
  • wrong tube piece on gaaki
  • doubled up thigh armor on large bomonga
  • no lenses in kualus’ mask
  • bomonga’s torso is a pin taller than it should be
  • metru thigh armor & metru chest cover on large bomonga’s crotch
  • grey limbs on bomonga replaced with black
  • large bomonga’s fingers are gold
  • white upper-arms on kualus
  • glatorian necks on large bomonga’s elbows instead of hordika necks

Big Bomonga has a tube around his staff while the small one doesn’t have it.

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The large Bomonga also appears to use the longer Inika connectors for the legs.

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I just saw that this Norik has a red torso while the set had a black one.


at least when I made my awful artistic decisions I did it full well knowing I’d get banned


It has lenses.
It’s just hard to tell when he’s looking straight at the camera.

The eye holes on the mask are empty, there’s suppose to be green studs in there as lenses.

Granted, I know a lot of the art entries omit this, but it’s still a feature of the moc that isn’t suppose to be changed.


Minor changes are permitted in these contests. I doubt that things like the usage of Glatorian necks as opposed to Hordika necks will be important in deciding whether or not this gets accepted.

Oooh, I see what you mean.
looking at just the entry photo for the Kuuls Moc, I never realized it had anything more than just the Metru eyes. I thought you meant the scopes around the eyeholes.

(I was wondering why people kept saying the lenses were missing for Kuuls arts)

Sure, if it were just a few minor changes. But there’s several minor and major changes here.


i’d also argue a part swap that MASSIVELY breaks the flow of the moc constitutes a “major change”

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