Toa Hagah Canon Contest Format Feedback

This is why a pure (traditional/digital) art contest or a MOC-then-art contest would be desirable. Rather than misidentifying MOCs as art (which requires a semantic stretch at least as far as this contest is concerned — I’m aware that in general philosophical terms it could be considered art), we would have a MOC contest for reproducibility followed by an art contest based on the MOCs, or a strictly art contest that perhaps requires the clear depiction of existing LEGO pieces for everything except the mask and maybe the spear tip.

@Eljay After this contest is over, please do a poll about stopping the canon contests as promised.

As I already said during the Helryx contest, some people were not necessarily around for the initial canon contest poll and thus have not cast their vote back then. Whether their vote would be in favor of continuing the canon contests or not I do not know. My point is that I think there are more people visiting TTV now (thanks to the covid lockdown and the canon contests themselves) than there were back then. I think those people are also part of the community and deserve to have their voice heard.

Moreover, some people might have thought the canon contests were a good idea originally but might have changed their mind after seeing the contests in practice. Or the opposite.

If most people do want to carry on with the canon contests then the community would have gladly confirmed that they made the right choice starting these canon contests earlier. However, if it turns out that most people want to stop rather than continue then doing this poll would serve the interests of the community as a whole since it would result in stopping the canon contests in accordance with the poll results. In both cases the community would have spoken with full knowledge of the subject since two (soon three) of those contests would have been done already, while the previous vote was done without prior knowledge of how the contests would end up.

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Thank you. Someone needed to say this.


Got a question here. What’s the ruling on custom shields? Some people don’t have the piece in question but may be able to build one that has the same function. Plus, unless you want to paint them, they only come in two colors.

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Unique within the group, or unique to the Hagah?

I can’t see this being an enforceable rule. I can draw the Knight’s Kingdom shinguard on a Vahki shin, but that doesn’t mean it can be built in real life.

Where was this promised?

Obviously I have no input in the rules, but, assuming there’s a MOC portion, I’m hoping the shields can get the same “rare parts” leeway that the sand green on Artakha did.


I asked the question in September 2020 and Eljay said they would do the poll, just not at that particular time, which was when the rules of the second canon contest were announced. He then explicitely said after the Artakha contest or the next one. So, since the poll did not happen yet as far as I know, that means after the Hagah contest.



bada bing bada boom

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Rereading some of my posts last night, I feel I definitely lost sight of the original question Meso posed in the OP. I’m going to try and recontextualize what I was saying to be more relevant to the initial question.

I would prefer option 1 if we can have some degree of freedom in the design of the builds. I recognize that these are canon contests, and that this necessarily dictates that the Hagah be Metru builds. This is why I was trying my best to include examples of Metru builds that push the envelope, builds that use a Metru Torso in a fresh and unique way.

I see this contest, along with the Nidhiki and Tiger {edit: Tuyet, not Tiger, lmao} contests, as opportunities to give the Metru build the chances it deserves, similar to how the Mata/Nuva allowed the Mata Build plenty of varied builds that still fit the Mata mold, same with the Inika onward with the Inika Build. Who’s the Pohatu Mata or Matoro Mahri of the Metru Build; someone who puts a clever twist on the pre established formula? That’s why I want a MoC contest and why I advocate for a little freedom in the builds. I don’t want an Inika build Kualas, I’m just hoping for something akin to the Toa Mangai designs I posted at like post 170.

As I see it, that type of creativity is the advantage to a MoC contest. I’m not sure how something like that could be encouraged by the rules, but that’s what I want. I want a series of creative builds using the Metru Torso, possibly alongside a mandated Metru hip piece. If those Toa Mangai mocs I posted earlier would be acceptable as a Metru Build, **I think a MoC contest is worth the investment **

However If the builds are literally just going to be pallet swaps of Iruini and Norik, I would understand wanting an art only contest, option 2. I just think that on the fine line between literal clone build Pouks and Chromastone Bomonga, there are canon accurate builds that also show creativity.


Hot take: I don’t want to see Nidhiki and Turret as Metru builds. We already have 13 Metru build Toa, let’s do something different for these guys. Especially since they’re all from different lands, and weren’t re-armored like the Hagah.


It would be cool. As an Ignition Trilogy Zoomer myself, I would love to see Inika build Tuyet and Nidhiki. I even think an Inika build could work well for Tuyet, seeing as she featured exclusively in story serials from the Inika build era. Of course, if she were Metru build she would still work as a throwback build in the Inika world, but whatever, I definitely see the appeal.

Issue is, of course, canon. I think Greg already stated somewhere that both Nidhiki and Tuyet were Metru Builds, though I’m not too sure. If they are canonically Metru builds, oh well.

… Which is why I’m trying to find interesting and unique builds that can qualify as Metru builds! (Tied it all together there with my last post) but yeah, if I had a choice in the matter, I’d appreciate more diversity in the builds, but we gotta stick with canon somehow.

Important question

What will be with “precious metal” thing? Will it go under chemical definition of them (in lego terms - only silver, gold, and maybe copper), by standard for Bionicle MOCs of them (gold, silver, gunmetal), or it will be any lego pearl color existent in the wild?

As long as the masks aren’t flat or too big / too small, we’re good

In my opinion these guys are near perfect


Oh no BNG masks


I imagine that any shiny or metallic color will be allowed. After all, we don’t know what kinds of precious metals exist in the Bionicle universe.

I second this. TTV made it clear previously that there WILL be at least one more chance for the community to decide whether to continue the contests or not. At the time I said it would be rash to make a snap judgement on the whole thing with the overly frenzied mindset coming out of helryx and that the proposed poll should wait until after a second contest. Not because it’s “fair” or because anything is owed to TTV, but simply because it would be a waste to throw away a potentially great thing for the community based on the judgment of mistakes early on that could be fixed for all the rest. (It still baffles me how TTV proceeded with some of the same technical pitfalls going into this thing that they reminisced about from a bzp contest in a podcast months before announcing the canon contests). But now we’ve had a second contest, and by TTV’s own admission it stands as a proper place to judge the things to come. I hope the mods will remember that the second contest was sold on the explicit expectation that another chance will be given for the community to reevaluate their position on its continuance rather than simply hoping we’ll forget. And sooner rather than later.


And none of those custom masks can be used because they’re modelled by 00dude00, who hasn’t allowed his masks to be used for the contests.

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All “precious metals” are just variations of metallic protodermis anyway, with for all we know the same physical properties as normal, flat silver metallic protodermis. It really just means “shiny armor.”

Dang it! :face_with_thermometer:

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I’m missing the option of discontinuing the contests.

Seems like otherwise the discussion can be handled without me, though.

So for now I’ll just retreat back into my corner and quietly mourn the fact that the peaceful last months without contests have apparently come to an end.


A 2nd contest would be a must to be honest