Toa Hagah Kualus, Bomonga, Pouks and Gaaki (Honor Guard Contest)

Let me introduce to you my version of Toa Hagah

I’ve dicided to use only silver and flat dark gold as the accent colours. Below are descriptions of each of designed toa.
As we know he is the toa of ice, so his major colour is white. I’ve choosen silver as an accent colour for 2 reasons:

  1. It makes ‘colder’ combination with white than gold;
  2. I like to think about toa of ice that they are nearly emotionless and cold as death, so I wanted to use Hydraxon’s mask (I know that theoritically it is face) because it looks similar to the skull and this mask is silver. Of course I like it on my moc but if this entry wins I’m ok with redesigning his mask.
    Few pictures of him can be find below.

    He is quite nicely articulated:

    He is same height as Toa Iruini:

    I love his spear. It is very simple and looks like a wirazd stuff and reminds of Caranthis imagination from The Witche 3: WIld Hunt.
    I’ve decided to make his shield from scratch because using preexing molds seems boring to me. It was important to me to make it possible for Kualus to carry 2 rothuka spinners at the time, as in the Norik and Iruini sets. Here however the shield is upgraded slightly because Kaulus can shoot his Rothuka at the same time thanks to implementation of 2 shooters in a single shield. Both rothukas are also secured from accidentaly dropping off.

    Some ‘exploded’ photos can be found below:

    The completemodel consist of aproximetely 200 pieces. Forgive me that some of them are slightly yellowed :stuck_out_tongue:
    A living tanks. This is my first thought if someone aks me about toas of earth. I always think about them that they are strong and extremely durable. This is why my version of Bomonga is actually a tank.

    As you can see his shield is big and strong and his spear is grandiose. His shield, similarly to Norik’s and Iruini’s shields, can shoot 1 rhotuka at the time but can store a spare one as well.

    Of course there is enough clearance for ‘rhotuka atcivator’ piece to fit.

    He is very well armoured except of his ‘shield arm’. I’ve decided to make him gladiator-like looking by creating this assymetry between his arms.
    His hands are huge and very powerful. He also have sth which I always loved in Toa Onua : a hump.
    All abovementioned features creat a great defensive machine.

    He is also quite posable:

    He is slightly higher than Whenua.

    Below you can fing some ‘exploded’ photos:

    Flat dark gold kraahkan looks good to me but if this moc win the competition I’m ok with redesigning it.
    I enjoyed a lot putting him together and I hope you like!
    He consist of aproximetely 200 pieces.
    Toa of stone have to be durable and strong but not in same way as toa of earth. Stone should be more offensive like rather than defensive. This is why Pouks, similarly as Bomonga, is ore bulky than the others but at the same time he is more adapted to attack.

    His armour is lighter than Bomonga’s and he is more posable. His shield is smaller and can hold only 1 rothuka but thanks to its designed it can be used in fight as a wheapon.

    Dynamic poses can be find below.

    His height is between Whenua’s and Iruini’s heights.

    Some ‘exploded’ photos can be find below.

    His mask can be repleaced in further steps of the competition.
    He consists of aproximetely 140 pieces.
    And finally the toa of water. Her armour has to be light and it can’t disturb her during swimming. Forgive me this spear tip. It is slightly bended and I ca’t fix it because puece will break completely if I try to do it.

    EDIT: the main photo has been changed due to competition rules. Rest of her solo photos have been left as before.

    As I mentioned before, none of her equipment should be a problem during swimming, which may occure because she is basically a water creature, so I’ve designed her shield to be small and aerodynamic (sort of). Water also means ‘life’, so her shield looks kinda like a bug. Also her rothuka is being hold in place by simple locking mechanism.

    She can be posed is some dynamic poses.

    Her height meets the rules of the competition.

    ‘Exploded’ pictures can be find below.

Her mask can be replaced in further steps of the competition.
She consists of aproximetely 140 pieces.

So here are my Toa Hagah. I hope you like. I had a lot of fun spetially during designing shields.
All masks, metallic colours and spears (except Kualus’s spear) may be changed in further steps of the competition.
No Boggarak has been harmed during taking pictures.


I disagree with your interpretation of Kualus’ character, but I like some aspects of the moc. That custom shield is pretty impressive!


I like to give the characters emotions related with their elements. Ice is cold and lifeless, fire is full of inner anger, water is full of life, earth is calm, etc…

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he looks nice but that is a lot of greebling

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Wonderful. The shield is ingenious, and the limbs also looks fantastic. Would you mind posting a breakdown of the spearhead, I’m having trouble visualizing how that’s build, not familiar with that engine piece.

Although there is one rules issue: I believe the chest armor is gunmetal? I think the metallic colors must all be the same.

Good luck!

its possible he just didnt have the part in silver and intended it to be made silver in art portion lol

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There you go!
And no, the chest piece is not gun metal grey. It is flat silver.


Huh, never knew that piece was molded that way.

Good luck!

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spear is prolly the best part of ur entry ngl. looks hot, well, cold lol

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meh, I quite like the limbs and torso

limbs seem a bit too complicated for me idk. you been a proponent of a lot more changes to base set formula tho right? lol



thats prolly where the difference of opinion for this lies lol. i feel like after seeing THAT gaaki, i might be a bit more forgiving now just in comparison tho lmao

Maybe a Toa of ice, but not a part of the Hagah team. Cool build regardless, though.

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Why not toa hagah? There were many of toa hagah teams actually.

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As a character, it doesn’t really feel like Kualus all that much.
As a moc, it blows me away.
Really good job here.


Changed category

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Yeah, I thought about how that was worded and agree it was a bit off. I should have capitalized it to [T]he Hagah team, referencing the ones currently being submitted for the contest. But, true, maybe a different team he could fit into.


maybe another hagah team who had different aesthetic but idk about terrys hagah lol it do be too complex compared to norik and iruni in a lot of spots

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Nice shield design, best of luck latter

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