Toa Helryx (Canon Contest #1 Entry “The First”)

“She closed her eyes and drew upon all her power. If she had any doubt or regrets, she pushed them aside. Helryx would do what she had always done: whatever was necessary.” - Narrator, Reign of Shadows

Here is my take on the First Toa, the leader of the Order of Mata Nui, Toa Helryx. As a Toa of Water, naturally, I stuck to a blue theme - utilizing different shades throughout the build. She is approximately 9 inches tall (the canon height for a Toa). Her spiked mace and shield are silver, representing the Protosteel material that they are composed of. I also chose her armor and limb parts to have gaps - in reference to the anciency of her armor and the pits and scars from the countless battles that she has experienced. Her mask design was said to look nothing like anything Takanuva had ever seen - I created a new look with Nokama’s Kanohi and a mask head-up display (HUD) from the Phantoka line. As for the “disturbingly frail” appearance mentioned in BS01, the word can also be defined as “weak in character or morals.” As a member of the Order, Helryx excluded herself from the Toa code, which stipulates that Toa cannot kill their opponents. My interpretation of Helryx’s disturbingly frail appearance is associated with her fierceness and ability to finish the job - no matter the circumstances. After all, “You have to be insane to be a Toa at all. It’s the first requirement for the job.” - Helryx to Takanuva, Swamp of Secrets

Action pose:

No Weapons:

Rear view:

Side view:

Without wings:


Weapons breakdown:

Wings breakdown:

Legs breakdown:

Arms breakdown:

Torso breakdown:

Back breakdown:

Waist/Hips breakdown:






That shield is pure genius.


That’s a very impressive build! That being said… that doesn’t seem very Helryxy to me.

It’s absolutely fantastically put together, and with absoutely genius parts usage but it definitely doesn’t look like a Toa.


I’m loving all of these shields in this contest! This one in particular is purely awesome!


Thank you for the compliments on the parts usage. There have been several varying appearances of the Toa throughout the sets (and also with the previous canonized models - ex: Toa Krakua). I attempted to create a unique look with inspiration from each year of Bionicle (parts from 2001-2009). “She looked like a Toa, but her armor and mask design didn’t resemble anything Takanuva had ever seen before.”

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This is a really cool build, especially for something that doesn’t use CCBS. I love seeing the ways you incorporated trans medium blue - my favorite transparent shade - and the weapons are fantastic. That said, I’m not a fan of the boobs - especially since none of the Toa had defined boobs (the most Gali gets is a rather nondescript bust) and nothing near the cup size here. Also not a fan of the Metru shoulder armor pieces and their sudden drop off.


So far, this might be the entry I will be voting for. Fantastic Job! Easily one if my favorite entries submited so far. That shield design is one of the most unique I have ever seen.

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Eyyyyy fins squad! :hand_splayed:

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Fantastic MOC, but it doesn’t resemble Helryx IMO.

Clever shield design!

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It’s been said before, but I’ll say is again: this is a clever shield design, one of the best I’ve ever seen. The mace, too, is quite good. I also very much like the incorporation of Glatorian heads into the build, it’s so custom I had to do a double-take. Very good MOC, though not how I ever pictured Helryx.

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