Toa Kazdan

What happens when an escapee from Karzahni is transformed into a Toa, after all the…machinations…the Master had done? You get someone like Kazdan, who makes the most of his situation.

Kazdan, Escapee-turned-Toa

Gender: Male
Species: Toa of Fire
Kanohi: Asoda, Great Mask of Aging
Pieces: 75

Like Verodha, Kazdan was a Ta-Matoran who was once shipped to, and later was allowed to leave, the island of Karzahni. Unlike Verodha, who managed to leave the island unusually unscathed, Kazdan was subject to more than a few of the Master’s machinations, the most notable of which were replacing his humanoid legs with four spider-like ones, which were supposedly inspired by tall tales of a creature named Nidhiki who once terrorized the Matoran of Metru Nui (though Kazdan would dismiss Nidhiki’s existence as little more than a boogeyman invented to scare children). Upon escaping the island and returning to his homeland, Kazdan was able to pass off his legs as prostheses that were needed for an injury as to not scare away his neighbors.

At that point, Kazdan had just intended to return to work like nothing ever happened, but you know what they say: If you want to make the Great Beings laugh, tell them your plans. A stroke of destiny turned Kazdan into a Toa and suddenly he realized that he might become a new boogeyman in this new appearance, a new Nidhiki. Fortunately for him, his people weren’t all that afraid of him, having grown accustomed to his unusual appearance, and welcomed him as their new Toa protector.


  • His Kanohi was gifted to him by Karzahni. Though an immoral mask, Kazdan never expected to be able to use it and so never bothered to switch it out. Upon becoming a Toa, he elected to keep it, feeling like it had become a part of his identity.
  • Despite referencing Nidhiki in the backstory, he had no influence at all on Kazdan’s design. Instead, he’s inspired by Kazdan Paratus.

As soon as I saw the name, that’s who I thought of.

Cool moc, I love the color scheme and the legs!


This is a cool concept. My toa Luchendi was a matoren that had been saved just in time before his reconstruction.


Very nice


ah neat - i like the arms and legs!


The hero we deserve :pleading_face: