Storyteller Verodha

Greetings, everyone. I am glad to know that my reports on abaasies and the Rahkshi Kal were well-received. I take pride in knowing my tales have reached new lands and more and more people are able to learn from my insights. Now I believe it is time to put a name and a face to my writings. My name is Verodha, and I am a storyteller.


Gender: Male
Species: Ta-Matoran
Kanohi: Sileni, Mask of Sensory Aptitude (powerless, modified)
Pieces: 100

My life as a Ta-Matoran started out fairly simply, though I must admit that I was not the most punctual worker in my homeland. Between that and some injuries I had received on the job, I was sent to the island of Karzahni with the intention of getting repaired. While I was there, the master of the island shared with me wonderful stories about him and his brother, their duel for a powerful mask, and their respective roles in this world. These tales fascinated me, as no one I knew in my homeland had ever hinted at any of it beyond the master’s and his brother’s names. This led to me wondering what else I could uncover about this world.

Eventually, my repairs were completed, I was given a new mask with special lenses that aid my damaged eyes (I believe you’d call something like this “glasses”) and a weapon to defend myself, and I bid the master farewell. I do wish I was able to stay to hear more of his tales, but I found myself somewhat disturbed by how few Matoran were actually able to leave in the first place relative to how many arrived day by day. Now that I think about it, I overheard the master saying something that I was “one of his better works” before I boarded the boat.

…perhaps it is best not to ponder it and to just count my blessings on that front.

Anyway, rather than return to my homeland to just settle in and begin working again like nothing had ever happened, I took my newfound curiosity and set off on my own to uncover as many of the universe’s secrets as I could. I eagerly look forward to sharing my findings with you.


  • Verodha is not intended to be a self-MOC, but simply a voice to give to certain posts from an in-universe perspective. Essentially, Verodha will be to me what Zeyek was to JangBricks.
  • Verodha is pronounced veh-ROH-dah.
  • The lenses are given glow using the technique used on Toa Kualus. The eyestalk behind those lenses is trans neon orange.
  • Verodha will almost certainly transform into a Toa at a later date.

ooooo looks great!

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I really like the look of this guy! The overall build feels like an upgraded version of the Voyatoran, which definitely makes him feel like he comes from Karzahni. The use of “glasses” rules, and I’m super glad to see somebody else use the Kualus technique. The only thing I’m potentially critical about is whether or not he becomes a Toa; mostly just because I don’t personally see a great reason for a storyteller to want to become a Toa. However, that’s just me, and if it’s the crux of his arc, then 100% don’t listen to me. All in all, good stuff! Excited to see more!


This is a pretty neat Matoran moc. Backstory and lore is great, and I like the “glasses”. Very nice job here.

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Verodha already records events and researches mysteries, being very interested in state of world. Perhaps his motivation to become a Toa will be him wanting to do more than record, to actively change the world for better. Being a Toa would also in some ways allow him more opportunities to uncover mysteries of the universe.


Gafna’s got it right here. Verodha currently has no interest in becoming a Toa right now, but if and when he transforms, he will realize that having done so will grant him new opportunities to learn and to teach. His desire is not for power, but for knowledge.