Toa Mahri Matoro Revamp!

I have not touched my bionicles in about 2 years...then i found TTV. Thank you so much for bring it back into my life.
Back on topic. So I decided yesterday that i would make a revamp of Matoro Mahri - my 2nd favorite character.

Again, this is my first moc in forever! so please give me some pointers and tips


PS -
Sorry for the TERRIBLE computer isn't doing so hot so i couldn't take the pictures with my camera. Also i couldn't find his real mask so I just used the original mask of life...

The body design is quite unique, I don't think I've seen it elsewhere.

Thank you! I didn't really base it off anything, I just sat there for about an hour experimenting

It's good, but I don't think I'll ever find a Matoro MOC that beats this one.


Thats hard to beat.

I have seen that and it is absolutely amazing! One con i find is the lack of the hunched back

IKR? doesn't even look quite lego when you first look at it.

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Eh, I always thought it was strange that Matoro had a hunch. He looks much better standing straight and tall. Silver looks far better on him than white too.

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I always saw it as the burdens he carried (all the secrets he kept from being Nuju's translator and being the mask guardian or whatever hah)


That's deep bro. That's deep

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I saw it as a bit weird too, considering he didnt have a hunch as an inika.


I like it. Why do I not have my regular mask though?

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It was lost in space and time.

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I explained it...It's quite tragic cause I love both the Tryna and Ignika

Who made this one? You should link to the original MOCer so they get credit.

fsnorglepuff The picture up there^^

i don't like the mask that you chose it looks nothing like matoro