Toa Mask Powers [Characters][Pitch]

Note: This topic stems from my post about the elements of Rahkshi and which toa they fight. If you haven’t seen that post yet, you should check it out before reading this one, as those details will play a role here.

Some of you may be expecting the mask powers for G3 to mirror that of G1. However, like the Rahkshi elements in the previous post, some don’t really fit as well.

Water Breathing and Levitation - These abilities can be attributed to their elemental powers or even as traits of their elemental region. Having a mask to grant the power seems redundant.

Strength and Speed - Similar to the first two, except they can be obtained through training or natural skills. Again, a mask granting these just seems redundant.

X-Ray Vision - This one actually fits as a power you could gain from a mask. But let’s be honest… it’s not really a power with many uses. Of the six Toa Mata Kanohi powers, this is possibly the least useful for a Toa. It worked well in G1 since they could swap masks to accomplish different goals, but G3 doesn’t have that.

Shielding - Like X-Ray, this also works well to be gained from a mask. But in this case, it is a lot more useful in battle. Of the six, it will be the only one to stay. However, it will not belong to Tahu. A key factor in this decision is that mask powers should reflect some aspect of the character using them.

In my previous pitch, I discuss which Rahkshi fight which Toa and explain how their elements serve to challenge that specific Toa. During this time, I will say that the Toa do not have their mask powers yet. They will eventually learn to overcome their challenge to beat the Rahkshi, and it is at that time that they will obtain their mask powers.

Onua must fight against the mind games of Psionics. This challenges the wise Toa’s state of mind. He learns to push those invading thoughts away; shielding his mind from the threat. This lesson manifests itself as his Mask of Shielding, which will defend against mind attacks along with the standard physical ones that the G1 Hau had. As a tank, he is hard enough to take down, and adding a force field will only fortify him more.

Lewa struggles against the powers of Gravity keeping her grounded. This also seems to tie down her free spirit, since flying is a way of life for wind users. She will learn to fight better on the ground, and also learn that her free spirit can’t be held back. She unlocks her Mask of Spirit, which lets her fly free of any restraints. This power can differ from the G1 Iden in that Lewa can still use some wind abilities instead of having the “can’t be seen/detected” aspect. She will grow to love this power that can let her gain a few moments of freedom while accessing places the Toa would normally have trouble reaching.

Gali must face Poison/Venom which will not only taint the purities of the waters she uses, but also the purity of herself. She will overcome this through healing. She heals the water, and uses willpower to purify herself. This manifests as the Mask of Healing. With it she can heal wounds and illnesses, if she has an understanding of the injury. The ability depends on her willpower which she strengthened to overcome her obstacle. Since she is one of the least likely of the team to fight needlessly, being able to counteract the actions of her more aggressive friends will suit her well.

Kopaka fights against Fear. Due to him keeping his feelings bottled up, fear can easily spread. Eventually he learns to put some faith in his friends to help carry his burdens, leading to the manifestation of his Mask of Summoning. This will allow him to call upon rahi or other creatures to aid him. He will have more control over it than the G1 Zatth, due to him putting his trust in the creature to help him. This will give him a bit of a Weiss/Winter Schnee vibe, that can play into his more refined fighting style.

Pohatu faces his nomadic past while fighting against the power of Hunger. Living in the desert weakens the body and spirit, much like the draining effects of the Rahkshi. He learns to power through this, just like back then. In the desert, one must adapt to survive. This trait manifests itself into his Mask of Adaptation, which changes his body to better suit his surroundings. He may not have the formal training that Tahu and Kopaka had, but with his mask he can be ready for whatever scenario he comes upon. This plays into the fighting style I see for him, where he uses tricks or may “fight dirty”, compared to Tahu and Kopaka.

Tahu struggles against Anger. Their difficult journey and the challenges of being the team leader, all make anger easier to grow. This anger also builds off of his brash nature, making it even more difficult to fight it. He must learn to control his anger, and use it in his favor. He will learn to push that anger away from him to harm the enemy instead. This manifests as his Mask of Telepathy. This power lets him read thoughts of others or give his thoughts to them. The feelings of anger can also be projected onto a foe to distract their minds, similar to the mental noise of the G1 Suletu. As time goes on, he can use the power to better coordinate with his team as their leader. This can also be useful when they split up for the Civil War.

As a bonus, I have some possible options for Voriki’s mask power. I list them in order, least to best, of what I think could work. This takes into account Voriki’s “Green Ranger”/rival role when she’s first introduced.

Mask of Scavenging – Being the last of the Lightning Village, she could use the mask to absorb what energy is left of her people to strengthen herself. This could be why the village is empty of bodies when the Toa get there. It can also be how she gets strong enough to rival them.

Mask of Disruption – This power can weaken the elemental attacks of the Toa, making it harder for them to beat her. They would have to rely on other lessons and skills to keep up with her.

Mask of Emulation – This power let’s her copy any ability that she has witnessed. Similar in role to the Disruption mask, except now she can use their powers against them. Fight Tahu with water, Kopaka with Fire, etc. It also gives a nod to Reviving Bionicle’s Voriki, who wanted to be a hero like the other toa (emulate them).


Earth Matoran should naturally be stronger than other Matoran, so Onua should naturally have enhanced strength.

Also, I think you can create a poll for people to vote which mask is for Voriki.

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Yes, that’s why I don’t think it should be a mask power. Four of the 6 original powers could be something a toa or matoran of a specific region could have.

I may do a poll at some point.

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Here’s the poll for Voriki’s mask. All options are on the Bionicle wiki for research:

  • Mask of Scavenging
  • Mask of Disruption
  • Mask of Emulation

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What, no mask of energy?
/cheeky prodding

Anyways, I think the original mask powers would work well enough. Maybe switch out the Wairuha trio and Onua’s Masks for things they can’t already do normally.

If you mean that energy regenerating mask from some of the games, that can only be used once. And the goal was to use powers of already existing masks for this pitch, so having a generic Mask of Energy that could do energy blasts or something wouldn’t fit the point.

That’s literally what I proposed. I just changed speed too, since that can be done naturally. I tried to pick powers that fit their personalities and fighting styles. Also, the powers I chose work well with the development I proposed in my other post about the Rahkshi. It’s all one big pitch, I guess.

Hm, quite interesting, but I’m not sure if separate mask powers fit in G3, unless that’s how normal matoran use powers.

I’m not sure what you mean by separate. These powers would take the place of the G1 versions. Or do you just mean it should be like G2 and not have mask “powers” at all, outside of controlling their element?

As for the matoran, I’m pretty sure they don’t have mask powers in G3. They have some elemental energy now, but that’s not a mask power. The water breathing or levitation would be just a natural trait for matoran of that region, stemming from the bit of elemental powers they have.

I meant that I wasn’t sure whether mask powers were going to be a thing in G3.

I think they mentioned their existence in the Toa Designs Topic posted by the TTV.

I feel like calling others to your aid doesn’t really fit with Kopaka’s character

Since he’s so stoic and always wanting to do things alone, that would seem true. However, the way I set it up is that he learns to accept help when he can’t do something on his own. This would mostly be help from his fellow toa, but it could also be from those he summons with his mask.

I kind of see him summoning rahi to deal with some underlings while he deals with the main threat. He could also summon things to help the team move (for flying, swimming, crossing the dessert faster/safer, etc.)

I agree that it seems strange for him, but my goal was to pick existing mask powers that fit them better. Of all the masks, this one made the most sense. Especially since his development deals with him trusting others more.

I think Kopaka can still be stoic and loner-ish but still be open to working in a team.

Not sure if the TTV are thinking of having the Toa find more masks to use, but I’ll list them from the wiki.

Toa Metru

Mask of Concealment: used for invisibility.

  • Lewa: fits with her image as a phantom-like Toa.
  • Onua (forested regions): already has natural camouflage (green and black), so he could better utilize the forests to ambush enemies.

Mask of Translation: used for universal communication. Applicable to all Toa.
Mask of Illusion: used to deception and distraction.

  • Lewa: roguish personality mixed with her background.
  • Kopaka: a highly-intelligent fighter and tactician would be very good with this.

Mask of Mind-Control: manipulation of other beings. Already Makuta’s. Unethical for Toa to use.
Mask of Night Vision: used to see in the dark. A quality Onua should already possess.
Mask of Telekinesis: used to levitate objects. Used by Lewa via air manipulation.

Toa Inika

Mask of Fate: augments a person’s physical abilities to their peak levels. A quality all Toa should already possess.

Mask of Detection: used to sense nearby beings. A quality all Toa should already possess.
Mask of Telepathy: used to read a being’s mind.

  • Gali: highly intelligent, skilled at fighting.
  • Kopaka: highly intelligent, skilled at fighting. Could use this to better empathize with others.

Mask of Accuracy: augments a being’s accuracy. Used by Kopaka due to his prosthetic eye.
Mask of Flight: flight. Lewa.
Mask of Spirit: used to leave one’s body for multiple uses and reasons.

  • Gali: used in her meditations to look at the world from another perspective.
  • Onua: used in his meditations to look at the world from another perspective.

Toa Mahri

Mask of Sonar: used to navigate via echolocation. Most effective underwater. Gali.
Mask of Kindred: channel the powers and traits of Rahi within general environment (land, underwater, flying, etc.)

  • Gali: empowerment from underwater Rahi.
  • Lewa: empowerment from flying Rahi.
  • Onua: empowerment from land Rahi. Fits with his natural characteristics.

Mask of Summoning: used to summon Rahi.

  • Gali: used to summon underwater Rahi.
  • Lewa: used to summon flying Rahi.
  • Onua: used to summon land Rahi.

Mask of Gravity: gravity manipulation. Primordial force; too powerful to be used by a normal being. Restricted to higher beings.
Mask of Stealth: used to blend into surroundings while muffling one’s sound. A trainable skill.
Mask of Reanimation: used to raise corpses. Unethical for a Toa to use; a potential villain’s mask.

Makuta Phantoka/Mistika

Mask of Corruption: used to deteriote inorganic matter. Unethical for a Toa to use.
Mask of Hunger: used to drain power. Power used by Vorahk.
Mask of Time Duplication: used to summon past versions of user. Too dangerous for a Toa to use; distorts the timeline. Tied to the Mask of Time.
Mask of Silence: used to mute/muffle sound.

  • Lewa: useful for stealth.
  • Onua: useful for stealth. Fits with his natural camouflage.

Mask of Repulsion: used to repel objects/enemies. Already used by Lewa via air manipulation.

Toa Hagah

Mask of Diminishment/Growth (combination of two G1 masks): used to shrink/grow in size. Fits with Onua’s physiology.
Mask of Clairvoyance: used to predict the future. Unethical for a Toa to use. Already tied to Mask of Alternate Futures worn by Karzahni.
Mask of Quick Travel/Teleportation: used to teleport.

  • Lewa: upgrade to flight.
  • Pohatu: upgrade to his speed.

Mask of Rahi Control: used to manipulate Rahi. Unethical for a Toa to use. Already tied to Mask of Control worn by Makuta.


Mask of Truth: used for lie detection; immune to all forms of deception/illusion. Used by Gali to fit with her background as an arbiter.
Mask of Dimensional Gates: used to generate portals to travel through time/space. Primordial power. Not useable by lesser beings.
Mask of Charisma: used to influence other beings into agreeing with you. Already tied to Mask of Control worn by Makuta, to convince others into doing what he says.
Mask of Psychometry: used to view an objects entire history.

  • Gali: useful in investigative situations when she is fulfilling her role as an arbiter (court cases, hunting fugitives, etc).
  • Onua: fits with his culture’s obsession with history.

Mask of Intangibility: renders wearer incorporeal. Only flying beings are capable to wielding it, since grounded beings would fall through the world.
Mask of Possibilities: used to view every possible outcome for every action. Already tied to Mask of Alternate Futures worn by Karzahni.
Mask of Mutation: used to alter a being’s physiology. Unethical for a Toa to wear. Useful for future villains.

Well, that’s about an hour’s worth of research and typing.

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I had gone through the full BS01 mask list when deciding these, so I’ve definitely thought about every possibility.

Keep in mind, my decisions for this pitch were based on the character development details I made in the other posts. There may be a mask that fits a toa’s personality very well, but if it doesn’t make sense within the layout I set up, then I wouldn’t have picked it. So there’s a bit of story reason for each choice.

Also, a choice may be strange, but that’s only because we haven’t seen it used for that type of character. G3 has plenty of call backs to the older generations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something unorthodox. And mask powers seems like a good place to experiment, since they aren’t something that drastically changes the course of the story.

Expand thy horizons, young ones… Trust in the mask. Let it be your guide. :sunglasses:

I know, but this was just in case the TTV was thinking of having more than 1 mask for each Toa.

Shakes Mask of Light. Mask lights up. “Whoa. Hard to argue with that.”

Yes, I looked up the Mask of Light movie specifically to comment on that. :grin:

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