Toa Mata-Vamps

Hello everyone on the Boards!

So after posting my Lewa and Gali revamps for the G1 Toa Community MOC Project (I'm not giving you a link, I'm too lazy), I realized I hadn't posted my other ones yet...and on that matter a lot of my older MOCs from MOCPages.

For those of you who don't follow me on MOCPages and haven't seen these, here are my Toa Mata Revamps (I call them Mata-vamps), my passion project for almost a whole year. I'm proud of them as they are some of my better, more compact MOCs, and I feel a much better version of the figures that got me into Bionicle!


I also have his golden mask.



Pohatu (this is about the only good picture of him with his most recent leg armor)

And most have already seen them, but here's Gali and Lewa once again!

And the famous group shot for good measure!

And yes, I know they look like Callan LoF's MOCs...they were inspired by those.

Thanks for viewing!

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Most of these are spot on, but the pecs on kola a and especially pohatu are weeeeiiiiird


They all look great, except for gali, who in the picture looks like Frankenstein, I would recommend redoing gali's torso build. But other than that, I think it all looks rather good

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Mmm, I'm not really feeling the chunkiness of some of these limbs...

Kopaka and Onua are great though.

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Onua's physique looked so right that it took me a second to work out that he had actually been revamped, probably my favourite of the bunch.


Pohatu could use a tweak.

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Really like Tahu, he looks nice and refined and by extension the rest of the Toa do too. Pohatu is a little weird but so was the original. Nice job 8/10

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These are all really cool, but Onua is probably my favorite of them all.

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These look really good!
Though I have to agree with @LurkingEhlek, Pohatu's hips look a little thin.

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Pretty cool.

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I love the way each toa has a unique build to them.

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these are pretty neat, i quite like them

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These are legit. I don't like Pohatu's pectorals much, and Gali's chest looks weird, but other than that, good shaping and color distribution.


Very nice! I'd suggest replacing the black CCBS bones on Kopaka with grey ones (if you have them) though.

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Holy smokes you've improved since building these...

Onua's the best, Gali's the worst IMO.


Onua is mah favorite.


Kopaka's aren't really pecs, they're more just slopes to fill out the torso, but Pohatu...I can see what you mean, but it might be because they got messed up while posing him in that picture. They look better when they're just right.

I've recently fixed the gaps in her back and added in some filler, so maybe that will help. I'll do updates on all my MOCs in the future!

Yea, these guys were some of my first real MOCs, so I was pretty inexperienced back then, but thanks!

He's mine too, build wise. He was actually the first one I built, before I even planned on making them all, and everything just went so right with him!

Would you believe me if I said he looks a bit better in person? :smile:

Thanks! Tahu is probably the one I worked hardest to make better!

I'd have to agree with you! Thanks!

That's actually a critique I don't think I've had before...if I get more pieces some day I might try and rework him!

Thank you!

Thanks! That was a goal when I first did these guys!

Thanks, dude!

Thanks, Cronk! As I said, I've hopefully fixed Gali's torso problems, and Pohatu may just be that they're flat and out of alignment!

I don't know why I never thought of that....thanks dude! I did that just now and it looks great!

I'd like to think so! :smile:

My thoughts exactly!

Mine too!

Thanks everyone very much for your comments!


You could take onua and call him your self moc if you wanted!

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Haha, I do like Pakaris, that’s for sure! :laughing:

I actually do have a self-MOC though! Check him out if you want!

He’s one of my only few MOCs topics left that still have the pictures…

Also, I have even better versions of these revamps here!