Toa Minifig Masks

Welp, I’ve decided to do the Toa minifig masks because I’m too lazy to do the whole bodies, and was fun the last time I did one; so I’ll just settle with the masks :upside_down:. I’ll try update this post with one new mask design a day, and I guess I’ll take notes to change certain things if I can.


So I started with a warm-up by redoing Tahu, adressing some of the points Exx brought up on the podcast (Well, just one. I don’t really know how to work around the “Iron Man head” thing) by making the vents smaller so hopefully it wouldn’t break as easily. I also tried my hand at the tribal paint stuff. Let me know if it worked out, or if I should try something different… I guess.

Now… an updated version of Tahu adressing the tribal patterns (again, let me know if it looks okay) and giving the mask a back, since i forgot to add it. I also colored (kinda badly) the 360 stuff.


Next comes Gali, the Toa of Water. I tried to give her less jagged lines to look slightly more feminine, along with the different-shaped eyes.She also has a pair of goggles that she can flip down to look slighly more like she does in G1. Again, let me know if the tribal patterns are worth doing for these.


The one and only Toa of Earth. Ended better than I though it’d be, not as good as I hoped. Maybe it’s the nose. Any suggestions? Anyway, I still kinda like it, just not completely sure how well it would look IRL. Had fun making it though.


I succesfully managed to churn this one out pretty quickly! I’m not too keen on this one, but like it anyway. Weirdly, it might not have enough detail.

After reading some posts, no one seems to have too many problems with Lewa, so I might not completely redo it unless someone has some specific suggestions.


Another early one. Pretty satisfied with this, other than that he has no nose and his eyes are slightly weird. But yeah, had fun.

So that just leaves…

Last and certainly not the least, Kopaka.
Managed to make this one since I finished Pohatu so early. That and I have no obligations today for reasons.
So, let me explain… that scar. It gives him a slightly more practical reason to wear a futuristic scope-thing on his mask (apart from the idea of X-rays) and lets him hide what he considers a sign of weakness - I always imagined him as an opposite to Tahu because of this… Tahu’s flaw, his temperament, is something that affects others, while Kopaka is likely to hide his own flaws and keep them to himself. Just a little bit of character building with just the head. It could also make way for some interesting backstory. Who knows?

I just had a lot of fun making these.


I have to say, I do like this concept. Someone else already has a full body version of this drawn with the mask looking similar except that one has the bottom of the back cover unlike this one.(Tahu Minifigure - Brickonicle Concept Art - #37 by BioToa7) I actually have started modeling that Tahu minifig mask but I may try modeling this in the future

I didn’t realize it until a minute or so after uploading this post that you also created the other tahu minifig concept. I’m honestly excited for when you upload the minifig mask for Kopaka; he has been my favorite bionicle character for as long as I can remember

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Great job, I love it! The only complaint I have concerns the tribal paint. While the idea itself is definitely a good one, the splattered look just doesn’t do it for me. I think it should be a bit cleaner and not all in one place if that makes sense. Or maybe it’s just the way it looks without the rest of the body for reference.

Either way, it’s awesome. I was a big fan of your initial art, and this gets me hyped to see what your other mask designs end up looking like. Keep up the amazing work!


The tribal prints look more like a splash of water tbh. I would recommend having it flow around the mask as opposed to having just a splotch of colour on the forehead


Once again, another excellent batch of drawings.

As others have said, the only thing that is off is the tribal markings; they look too haphazard.

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Significant improvement, excited to see your take on the rest of the masks.

I am intrigued.


Good puns sir, good puns.


I like the look of this.

The tribal markings look a little odd in their appearance, as others have said, but the concept and overall design of the mask and head printing were well executed.

I like this a lot, although maybe the tribal markings should be a maroon color because as the others have said it looks like water splashes. Other than that I don’t have much else to say, except what did you use to make this?

Ha, I was wondering if someone would think that. Also, let me know if you ever upload the model to shapeways or any similar site so I can buy it.

Hmm, well that was subconcious. I seriously didn’t notice.

And thanks evreyone. I’ll keep on uploading the new masks and making changes if I can. I already changed a bit of Tahu.


I can definitely do that. It might take a couple days or so to model it correctly(because I have school) and then more time to make it be able to work like a regular minifig helmet

Hmm, I think I might be able to make some of these using minifig helmets as a base

Gali’s looks fine, except it kind of looks like a mustache. Not saying it needs a do-over, just pointing that out. Then again, not sure how you avoid that kind of thing when you have to leave the minifig’s mouth exposed.

Gali is pretty neat too, keep up the good work!

I love all of these and think they’re great except the mouths always really annoy me Would definetly love G3 minifigures in this style.

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I definitely like the redone tribal paint on Tahu. Not sure if it’s what I’d personally consider the best (the circles seem a little to “soft” compared to the sharp edges), but it’s better than what was done before.

And Gali looks great! I love the visor idea. Though, and maybe it’s just me, something about the face feels a little too masculine. I like how it looks without the mask on, but the eye slits conceal the eyebrows and you lose some of that emotion. I understand the slits can’t be larger without increasing fragility, though, so it’s not a big deal…

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@Ragdoll would you prefer this Tahu mask over the other one you created for the full body version of a Tahu minifigure?

Sketched some ideas down on paper, everything else is from Adobe Illustrator.

Yeah, I’ts supposed to be more of a nose-piece helmet thing, but I 100% get what you’re saying. I feel like it looks more like a mustache on Tahu though. Oh well.[quote=“BioToa7, post:18, topic:34701”]
would you prefer this Tahu mask over the other one you created for the full body version of a Tahu minifigure?

_Personall_y I’d prefer this version, but whatever’s easier I guess.

You could make them about the same as the HF minifigs, who didn’t seem to suffer from Iron Man syndrome while still retaining detail.

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