Toa Nidhiki (MOC / ver.Bu)

Maybe, I know what you think: hey, Toa Nidhiki? I don’t remember how many “Toa Nidhiki” in my Life!
But TTV has planning to contest of his canon appearance,
and I think that I must try this “Traditional Dream”.
(I don’t still decide to entry contest, this is just a simply my challenge for his image)

“Hi, dear, I’m home.” ― Toa NIdhiki

At Designing, I thinked concept about him:
"He had come from T.C.Peninsula, the very dangerous place. So The place made him a “Veteran coward”. If so, his apqeparance must apper his thoughts:“Dirty and Useful.”

He has asymmetry shoulder armor. The reason is he using carcass of a Wolf-type Rahi that he killed in T.C.P. as armor, just like a Trophy.
Usually, Toa don’t kills. but I hear Rahi only exception.
However, still many Toa are not aggressive to kill.
But I think that he is. And when his teammates saw this, they may had a potential distrust of him: just like Tuyet.
also, I put ideological meaning in this apperance:his lack of balance with morality, just contrast to Lhikan.

The chain of his arms is a simplicity armor.
In situation, he removes from arms and connects each:it works multipurpose long-chain.
also he has hobby to sneaking enemy’s territory with unusing his Kanohi, so this chain is too dangerous:they makes sounds when he moves careless. but it help his hobby to thrilling and enjoyful.

And if he connected chain with his Air scythe anypoint(any pin-holes), it become “Air Kusarigama”(It means “Chain Scythe” in English.It is a tool that NINJA often uses when climbing high walls. This is effective when he spying on enemy fortresses.)

He has a armor on back.
I think that If he is a “veteran-coward”, he must Assuming to “coward-attack”. that’s a reason.
And his leg-spike is improves his kick power. and if turned upper one, it works as greaves.
(The mutated Nidhiki has many silver Bohrok-eye parts, so I inspirated this)

Thank you for viewing! :blush:


I love the spike, aggressive aesthetic. It sets him apart from so many other similar Nidhiki mocs.


Great work! I really like how you managed to reflect his personality in the desing, that’s something Metru build sets didn’t really have. I especially love the wolf head, it fits with him being the loner type (and Nidhiki the Betrayer immediately came to my mind, was the use of that head inspired by the wolf speedor piece in Djokson’s MOC?). I would suggest giving the same color for heatlight and eyes and maybe using a different Volitak but custom ones aren’t cheap so that’s understandable. Once again, good job!


Thank you, Bluebrick27!
I love Djokson’s MOCs, but I had not the idea while build this.

yeah, I put a orange/red Heartlight him first. but I think it looks broke his color-balance in designing, so I turned green.
and I know his Volitak is green, but my building-style has no using paint.(but I enjoying seeing such MOC!:blush::heart_eyes:)
also I just want make a contrast with Lhikan’s gold Hau.
(Green Volitak is absolutely canon, yeah, I know!)

thank you again!:heart:


that’s so awesome man! nice job! you should try tuyet next


Thank you @The_Blue_Panda ! :blush: :blush: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
(and sorry to late for reply, I forgot!) :cry:

About Tuyet, I still don’t have any ideas of design.
There are many Great Tuyet MOC in this community, so It’s hard to make a good design idea!

And I’ve updated this for Having green-Volitak!
I think this brings it closer to the canon image! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No worries! You’re all good! :+1:

The green Volitak looks awesome on Nidhiki!

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I’m basing my Tuyet off of Ursula but maybe you can base Tuyet off a real life aquatic animal, something like the feather star. Creepy yet majestic at the same time.