Toa Tuyet


Long ago, the eleven Toa Mangai stood proudly over Metru Nui:

Lhikan — The True
Nidhiki — The Betrayer
Tuyet — The Tyrant
Naho — The Studious
Iqwa — The Stormdancer
Fjorlon — The Pillar
Vinzena — The Truthsayer
Tiotekka — The Mastermind
Paeli — The Cleanser
Waatea — The Wayfinder
Coukonn — The Pathmaker

(Mask by Maria Ivan)

Some extra shots:

In hindsight the feet probably could’ve had a second pass. I had her in the main pose for pretty much the entire time so when it came time to take some extra shots the ankle area looks a little odd, oops. I don’t think it’s too bad though, probably a good lesson to learn for future neo-toa.

Bit of an odd pose but I did it mostly to show off some of the articulation around the waist. It’s a little hard to see but her back is arching back a fair bit more than normal, plus a bit of sideways bend.


This is just crazy good! How do you make stuff this sleek?


I love this a ton! From the shield to the back-claw-things to the crystals with the landscape, it’s all impressively outstanding!

Ok, wow. I’ve seen a fair number of Tuyet’s over the years, but this has got to be my favorite. Absolutely killer job. The body and thighs hit together so well. And that arms are so simple bat work so well! Once again, I am amazed.

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I don’t think the Noble Matatu fits Tuyet all that well, but all the rest is fantastic, especially the System background!


This is SICK! The shaping is unbelieveble, and I love how you incorporated the system parts.The head design is also really accurate, but a completely different thing! Awesome MOC!

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My favorite Bionicle villain done right. I love the Nui Stone details.
Have you considered getting a 3D printed mask of intangibility?


This is an interesting take on Tuyet’s build. I hope to see more like this, and learn how to use parts similarly to this.

Awesome work as always.

This is amazing! The only thing I’m not sure about is the mask, but that’s not much of a problem. I do like what you did for her barbed broadsword, though!

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Oh wow, this is truly something special here. All your Toa Mangai MOCs are stunning, but this has to be my favorite, especially with that display stand!

Just, wow. This is absolutely jaw-dropping.


She be slick, she be lit, she be thick. Epic rendition of this character. 10/10 bi complaints

Every time i see this, I like it more and more. The environment ties in well, and the colors are so pleasing together.

Fantastic model, I especially love the crystals on your baseplate, they look fantastic!

Wow. Just wow. I can’t find anything wrong. Nothing at all. The Likahn hau on a chain is a nice touch.