Toa Ultima, part nine: Varian, Toa of psionics

Hello again my fabulous compatriots and welcome back to the toa Ultima series. If you don’t know what this is, check out the first part here Toa Ultima, part one: Ragnar, toa of air. Now, if we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the moc!

This is my interpretation of the cannon character toa Varian. For those of you wondering, yes I intend on entering it into the contest. I really like this one. Anyway, here’s the silhouette

As always, comments and criticisms appreciated, and I’ll see you next week!

Ps: sorry it was late, Tuesday was kind of busy for me.


I’d suggest you try to rework the arms, because those are some wide shoulders. I don’t know if this is just the effect of the photos or not, but she looks really lanky. Try shortening the torso a bit. Also, as per canon, iirc, Varian has two wrist blades so you might want to change that. It’s getting there; you just need to change some aspects

I think the next one will be a Tobduk revamp of sorts

I second this. There is some creative part usage-I like the Vahki heads but they do create a gap. I like the incorporation of Knights Kingdom parts as well. It’s good that you’re going to enter this and that your using time before hand to get opinions-I look forward to seeing an improved version!

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Actually, on biosector01, it says elbow mounted blades. I thought it was wrist mounted at first too, but its elbow mounted


I like to Moc, but it doesn’t really look like a toa to me. It looks more like a Makuta to me. Perhaps flipping the mask to the “takutanuva” design and making the figure shorter would help?

I think the next one is Zaria

I think it needs some work and a different mask, but there is potential.

Zaria is next I think