Transformers: Dawn of a New Age

LD-L1 smirked, or at least the closest thing to it from his near featureless face. Maybe this young Prime will be truely worthy after all…

“Pleasure is all mine sweetheart, now, how about you, tall and fancy, why are you here, and why shouldn’t we escort you off this ship?” He asked the bot, still very skeptical of his intent still. (@N01InParticular)


Nova Prime steps forward- the other spirits around him all glare daggers at him, and one- a minicon with shovels for hands- groans and rolls his eye.

“Insurgents and insurrectionists!” he suggests. “The leaders of this new age are weak, and the degenerate scum of our race have become emboldened by their stupidity. They will plunge your civilization into anarch-”

“Oh, shut up!” the neon-painted Junkion Prime interjects, snapping at the disgraced Angelicon. “Primus’s rivets, what the slag did the Matrix ever see in you? Personally, my bet would be on a cult of Unicron-worshippers.”

“Those exist?” the spirit of Aethus Prime asks, sounding appropriately horrified.

“Yup,” the Junkion Prime confirms. “Really lowers your faith in our species, doesn’t it?”

“Perhaps a little,” Aethus replies, shaking his head. “I prefer to hope that the enemy’s goals are much less apocalyptic.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that,” Magnus Prime says. “These situations tend to unfold that way. I would speculate that quintessons may have a hand in this.”

“What, you think they didn’t learn their lesson the last four times they tried?” the shovel-handed minicon Prime laughs. “No, I believe that a faction of humans may be responsible. Their species has coveted our technology in the past.”

The rampant speculations and bickering among the ghosts of Primes past quiets as Axis makes her impassioned reply to Sentinel’s accusations. The old guardian’s fist uncurls, and he stands in silence for what feels like a long while. He looks back to his own grave, at the image of himself carved into its surface, and then at the hologram frozen beside it. Sentinel closes his eyes and bows his head.

“Even in death, I have learned nothing,” he says quietly, putting a hand over his face. He looks up again, fixing our heroes with an intense stare. His expression is no longer one of contempt, but of a grim, foreboding urgency.

“Axis, I stand by my judgement of your character,” he says, "you are impulsive and reckless, and if you continue down this path, then the Matrix of Leadership will forsake you just as it closed itself to me. But I am a ghost of a bygone era- it is not my place to deny you the opportunity to better yourself. You say that will at least try to do what is right- that is already more than I ever did.

“And to all of you, I say this,” he continues, speaking now to all of our heroes assembled in the Tomb, “what you seek, the forces at play here, are powerful beyond reckoning. I do not know who or what works against you now, but the devastation they could unleash upon the universe would be catastrophic. And the consequences of abusing this power yourselves, even with the best of this intentions, would be just the same. I will tell you where to look, but when you have found this artifact, my initial hesitation to disclose its location will hopefully seem more reasonable to you.”

“Oh, another band of unlikely heroes is coming together to unravel ancient conspiracies and save the universe, are they?” the spirit of Amalgamous Prime observes, his body rippling and twisting as it always did. “That human writer was right: I suppose history does often rhyme.”


Stopgap kneeled and leaned in to meet the fleshy one’s eyes. “I have already spoken at great lengths about why I am here, frankly you should’ve been listening.” He closed the gap even further until he was inches from ivory. “But if you need the reminder, I Am Here To Reclaim My Godhood.” He returned to a standing position and redirected his attention back to overgrowth, “Now, where do we start?”

Ivory was throughly unimpressed “and why should we help reclaim your godhood? Assuming you aren’t completely batty.”


LD-L1 opted to leave the Prime to her conference, and instead quietly positioned himself near Megtronus. “How are you today Lord?” He asked.

Megtronus, while not seen as divine like his kin by LD-L1’s order, he was in many ways the most revered. He not only discovered the source of divinity, but also sacrificed his own so his brethren may ascend. As such, the lucky few (He wouldn’t be suprised if he was goven some minor honor for witnessing the primes himself) of his order that had bren able to mee the Primes in person, often considered him the most approachable, regardless of his attitude in any given time

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“If such a terrible power exists, then I could see it destroyed. Ridding the galaxy of such destructive temptation.”
Axis suggested.

Honeycomb curiously tilted her head to one side.
“Wait, you say that like it’s happened before? Like, more than once.”

“Yes, exactly,” Overgrowth says after Ivory. “We have a mission of our own, which does not concern whatever godhood you may have.”

“If that is what you and your companions come to decide, then so be it,” Sentinel says. “But despite its potential for harm, this artifact is not a weapon. It was made to enrich our civilization, and its destruction would be a great loss, even if it were to become necessary.”

“Oh, yeah, this has happened loads of times.” Amalgamous nods his head. “Let’s see, there’s been…”

The spirit of the First Transformer counts on the fingers of his right hand, with new digits appearing all along his wrist and forearm before he gives up and simply says, “… a lot of them.”

“I am well,” Megatronus replies. His voice is like steel scraping over obsidian. “And who are you? I know you not.”


Axis nodded.
“I understand. Then I suppose I’ll make that judgement when the time comes. But what’s important now is ensuring that we are the first to reach this artifact, before our enemy has the chance to take it for themselves.”
She replied.

“Wow. That’s pretty crazy to think about.”
Honeycomb said.
“So then, statistically speaking, we should fine right? Like if this happens all the time, and it always turns out fine, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about?”

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“I would not expect you to Lord, my name is LD-L1. My brethren and i have long been followers of the primes, taking all of your teachings in stride. It is a rare treat for us to have a chance to meet any of you in person.” he responds, attempting to explain the situation.

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“Of course,” Sentinel says. “What you seek is buried on the planet Lacuna, in the Theta Scopii star system. The ancient cybertronians left a research outpost in its orbit during the Golden Age- it will help you find the artifact, though you may have to subdue its defenses first.”

“Oh, no, it doesn’t always turn out fine,” Amalgamous says gravely. “I mean, just ask Pathfinder and the Corsairs. You can’t, actually, because they a got swallowed up by a sentient black hole. Nasty way to go.”

“Well met, LD-L1,” Megatronus says, and a faint smile comes over his face. “It is rare that we are able to speak with those of the mortal realm, as well. Who are your brethren? I do not recognize the markings on your body- there is still much that has transpired over the eons that I have missed in my long isolation.”

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Axis nodded.
“Thank you Sentinel. Before we depart, I do have one thing to ask. If I seek your guidance again, could you not shut me out again? I don’t think it would kill you to have a simple conversation every now and again.”
Axis paused for a moment as she remembered something else.

“And while we’re at it, what the hell was that stunt back at the space port?! That feeling of a frozen dagger striking into my chest. It was horrible! Why in Primus’ name would you ever do such a thing?!”

“O-oh! Yeah that definitely sounds really bad.”
Honeycomb stammered
“But we’ll probably be fine right? I mean, we’re working with the Prime herself. Well current Prime. You know what I mean. So I doubt anything will go too terribly wrong.”
She said nervously, trying her best not to fall into a panic spiral.

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Defender, having saluted many of the Primes, bows before Amalgamous Prime.
“My lord,” he says, “it is an honor to meet you.”

Oreo, meanwhile, has decided that the stranger in the ship is likely not dangerous, just… well, rather crazy. He lets Overgrowth and Ivory continue talking, and goes to sit on the cargo bay’s ramp. As he does, he notices a stream of visitors leaving the Tomb of the Primes. He wonders what has happened that would cause the Knights and the Tomb’s stewards to make everyone leave.

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“Such an act is beyond my power,” Sentinel tells Axis. “That pain was not my doing; rather, it was inflicted by the Matrix itself. It did the same thing to me.”

“Primes and their entourages are not infallible, Honeycomb,” Onyx warns Honeycomb. “All of you must be vigilant.”

“Sentient singularities are fortunately rare occurrences, however,” Micronus adds, perched upon the centaur-esque bot’s back. “Though I guess there’s something to be said for expecting the unexpected…”

Amalgamous’s torso rotates around as Defender approaches and bows before him. “Oh, hey!” the First Transformer says. “Nice meeting you, too!”

As the tourists stream out from the Tomb’s entrance hall, the two Knights guarding it peer within, also curious as to what may have inspired this exodus. Many of the cybertronians, humans, and people of other species are talking excitedly among themselves, and words like “empty”, “hologram”, and “ghosts” can be overheard through the rambling.

“These?” He asked, the question rhetorical. He pulled out his arms showing the various symbols on his particularly large fists, even on the knuckles. “Simple lessons told via emblems and pictures. Stories and parables, about you, your siblings and your decendants. Are many apocryphal? Perhaps, but is it not better to take the stories at their face and the lessons locked within them?” He explained “My siblings and I are known by most as the Followers of the Primes ascendant, but we merely call ourselves the followers, and we have many such symbols.” He turned around to show the emblem of the order on his cloak back


“Twelve points, one for each of your siblings, barr the foul Leige Maximo, whom we shun totally.”


Stopgap groaned, this conversation alone had tested every ounce of his patience, clearly, these two were terrible listeners. “Once again, to reclaim my godhood I have been tasked with assisting your little club of…” stopgap was extremely tempted to call them idiots, but decided against it. “with whatever it is that you’re wanting to do. If. I. Complete. My. Task. Then. I. Shall. Have. Reclaimed. My. Godhood. Understood?”

“Oh, I see. My apologies.”
Axis replied, quickly calming down. Her anger immediately switching to worry and concern.
“Do you know what exactly causes is?”
She asked.

“Gahh. You’re right. You’re right.”
Honeycomb closed her eyes and trembled a bit.
“I really need to learn to stop over thinking things.”

“Fascinating,” Megatronus remarks, and he truly is intrigued by what LD-L1 is showing him. “How long has your order been in existence?”

Many of the other Thirteen frown at the cursing of Liege Maximo’s name. In their eyes, he had redeemed himself five thousand years ago with the defeat of the Heralds of Unicron. To them, hearing that many still hate him is disheartening, though rather understandable.

“It is one of the ways the Matrix expresses its displeasure,” Sentinel explains. “It’s methods of communication are often indirect, as I’m sure you’ve observed. When I tell you that the Matrix may soon close itself to you, understand that it is no idle warning.”

“Now you see the curse of the title of Prime,” Nova Prime interjects. “All that power in your possession, and yet you’re expected to abide by the terms of a negligent god under penalty of-”

“I do not recall anyone asking for your input, Nova,” Sentinel snaps, cutting the disgraced Angelicon off. “Though I suppose you would be more familiar with the Matrix’s punishments than anyone else.”

Nova Prime scowls and withdraws again, growling something most assuredly unpleasant under his breath as he retreats.

“Perhaps,” Onyx says placidly, shrugging his great shoulders. "

“Very well,” Overgrowth replies. Though similarly frustrated, continued back-and-forth in this hallway would only get less productive. “If you are so insistent on assisting us, perhaps you should see what exactly we’re doing. Follow me, please.”

The Knight strides down the hall toward the nearest airlock, looking back periodically to see if Stopgap is instead wandering elsewhere.

“Salvage, I’m leaving,” she says into her commlink. “You must watch the prisoners in my absence.”

“You know I have a fear of being left alone on a starship, right?” Salvage replies. “Comes from an overconsumption of sci-fi horror. Seriously, when you get back I’ll probably have locked myself in an escape pod with a plasma cutter.”

“You will have several humans for company,” Overgrowth points out.

“Right. Humans who were just trying to kill us earlier today,” says Salvage. “That makes it so much better.”

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“Believe me, I do not take your words lightly. But then I must ask, what can I do to avoid such a fate? What must I change to keep the Matrix’s favor with me?”
Axis humbly asked Sentinel.

Nova meanwhile confusedly looked around the room when she heard her name called, though she quickly realized they were talking to someone else who just so happened to be named Nova.

“So uh… any advice? I guess? For the whole adventuring thing. Sorry. I’m still not entirely sure how to handle all this.”
Honeycomb asked.


“Perhaps that could be said for many things.”
Kitai said.
Its most likely that many of them know what i am…
So why haven’t they said anything?

Ivory had no real drive to stick with the clearly insane god-bot, so he took his opportunity to duck out. “I’ll stick with him, you go on.”


“Unfortunately we do not have a precise date, due to our previous home temple being destroyed during the great war, but we are, in the grand scale of things, young, but we date to before the reunification. During the great war we served a welcome, if small solace to the conflict between our kind. Junkion to Decipticon were and still are welcome in our order. However our records were raided by all factions during the war looking for some nature of an edge, and much was lost. Though I believe some of our records at to at least Alistrian Prime, though perhaps older may exist on the Anchorite, our mobile grand chapel. A creation of Solus, if our records are correct. She may possibly remember it.”

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“I am hardly the best person to ask,” Sentinel says, “as I could not manage to do so in my time. But I have told you that you are violent and reckless; the Matrix favors diplomacy, when possible, and careful consideration before employing force. It will disapprove of hesitation, however, to which I can personally attest.”

“Trust in your comrades, show the enemy no fear, and fight as though every battle is to be your last!” the spirit of Prima says confidently, raising a gauntleted fist.

“Whatever you’re gonna do, look cool while doing it!” Micronus laughs. “Give the historians something to write about.”

“Fight for something greater than merely the annihilation of your foes,” Onyx says, much more calmly than his siblings. “Without a higher calling, rage and bloodlust will consume you.”

Solus Prime leans in closer, now that her name and apparently one of her works have been mentioned. Her brow furrows as the tries to place the name Anchorite to a vehicle matching LD-L1’s description.

“Anchorite… Anchorite… I do not recall ever making anything by that name, though the phrase ‘mobile chapel’ can certainly describe some starships I’ve built for the Knights of Cybertron,” she says. " ‘Anchorite’ must be a name your order assigned to this vehicle."

“I believe he’s referring to one of your street-cleaners, Solus,” Alpha Trion comments, having paid greater attention to the mortal world over the eons than the rest of the Thirteen. “If this is the same group of cybertronians I’m thinking of, anyway.”

If the ghosts of the Primes have been observing the goings-on of the mortal world, as Sentinel’s words imply, then it’s possible that the spirits have seen no reason to consider Kitai a threat. Nova Prime, however, does not hold that opinion.

“What manner of abomination are you, that dares to enter this holy place?” the specter snarls as he glides past the hybrid. “As if the stewards of this place are not to be contented with allowing humans to leak their filth here!”

“Hear that, Salvage?” Overgrowth says to the Junkion, “you won’t be alone after all.”

“I won’t turn down the company of anyone with a rocket launcher,” Salvage remarks. “That’s a lesson I learned at a young age. Painfully.”

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