Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

yeah, it’s a Go then?

Yes; feel free.

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darn you, Daria had a similar idea



yeah that works
tho Daria was the one to name Deus

Share Deus, guys.


Gatecrasher doesn’t know that.

He shall now be known as JEFF!

I can’t remember: have I explicitly identified Deus as male, or have we all just assumed he’s a guy?

probably both


Yeah, I’ve been using masculine pronouns for him recently, looking back.

Darn; I was hoping I could keep it ambiguous until he learned to speak.

…If he learns to speak, that is.

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He’s learning to speak if Gatecrasher has any say in the matter.

Considering how there’s generally a lot of chatter on the ship, I think Deus would figure out how to speak relatively quickly regardless of whether or not someone is deliberately trying to teach him.

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He’s also going to learn how to use that nucleon charge rifle if Daria can get time to teach him.

Now THAT, is a terrifying thought, a sapient pile of junk running at you with a Nucleon rifle.

hey, it’s Deus’ fault for making that rifle his backbone

I honestly like the idea of Gatecrasher, Deus, and Daria being the unstoppable trio.

It’s not actually making up Deus’s spine; it’s just kinda sticking out behind his left shoulder.

It’s like the fin that sticks out of Legion’s back in Mass Effect.

Sorry for the confusion.

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oh no Chrome, remember that ship I had? That I was pursuing in some RP. It may have just evolved to a possible love triangle/square

Ah… that makes more sense

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Oh has it now?