Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

True, but it’s good to plan.

Juliana is open right now.


I smell a major plot point coming on!

They can in this universe, at least. They’ve got access to all five senses.

Indeed one is.

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Well, considering that your trying to herd everyone outside.

Guilty as charged. I try not to railroad, but as large in scale as the settings are in the game, I figure pointing out locations of particular interest doesn’t hurt too much. Y’all’re still free to do what you want with your characters; I’m just letting y’all know where I’ve got stuff happening.

Oh no, it’s cool. It was well done. An obvious suggestion, but one that could be ignored.

Without meaning to brag, I like what I did in the giant Jelly-bot boss fight. Rather than spamming y’all with @'s, like I usually do, I think I was largely able to get people involved in that event more naturally.

Sometimes tagging everybody in one post is necessary, but I’ve recently decided I want to try experimenting on more organic ways of transitioning from setpiece to setpiece.

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So far, from my little experience of RP’s, I’d say your accomplishing that very well.

Thank you!

Hey, I call it like I see it.

Also, this spaceport is reminiscent of Disney World.

No thank you



Oh god, it happened again.
TotGA was a very cool rp. Although I wasn’t there for the better part of the second half, it was still an extremely enjoyable game.
Salvation… I just don’t know why it doesn’t stick with me. Maybe because it is a prequel instead of a sequel, and we are not exploring the actual world that was set up by TotGA.
This is the last time I try. This is the last time I ask for a summary of what happened. After that I will try my best to stick to this game, but if I fail, I will not have any other choice but to abandon it.

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Not too much. Juliana left because Redstock didn’t reply, and @Chromeharpoon is gently herding us outside.

For the record, one thing that helps is setting it on watch so that you see everything that happens. It helps you stay on top of things.

I tagged you, along with just about everyone else, in two important posts that were meant to serve as jumping-on points.

Blight is having some variation of a midlife crisis

I would too If i found out the the most annoying thing in my life just duplicated.


I just had a beautiful image of Blight and Juliana’s wedding, with Pixel and Spectrum as ring bearer and flower girl, and Shockwave officiating. Halfrunner would walk her down the aisle. Assuming Blight and Juliana go anywhere. Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.


Better yet, Pixel is both the ring bearer and the rings

Okay, that’s odd. so, they live with pixel on their finger for the rest of their lives?

and I thought it couldn’t get any weirder

Pixel sacrifices a few blocks of himself to make up for everything he’s done to Blight

I don’t think Pixel is capable of that kind of thought.