Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Wait is this going to be a thing
please let it be a thing

@Jcton was this the ship you discussed?

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I would love for it to be thing, but I don’t know if this will run that long.


I am not the liberty to either confirm or deny that.

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Sorry for my inactivity. My older brother is in town today, and I don’t get to see him a lot. I hope you’ll understand me wanting to spend some time with him.


No. Why should you ever be allowed to spend time with your family? That’s ridiculous to expect that we would be fine with you doing something so practical and important.

As I have said time and time before, real life comes first.


If each of y’all’s characters were to receive a piece of loot that was in some way related to that character’s strengths, personalities, or something like that, what would it be? I already have ideas for most of the cast, but I wouldn’t turn down some input for the characters that I don’t know very well.


Hmmm good question.
I think…
Daria likes her guns.

Actaeon is a loyalist and would probably go for something that would support that.

Scrapshot / Driftburn is a person who is pretending to be two people, maybe cloaking because he wants to hide away.

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Hrm… Gatecrasher would probably like a pair of muzzle brakes for his cannons, and Juliana would probably enjoy a rubik’s cube.

I really don’t know…

A spray bottle for Blight so he can scare off Pixel

Well, I’m not sure. I’ll try to think on that question and let you know what I come up with.

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For Spectrum, maybe some sort of module that allows her to have more medical capabilities?

SideStep would just like his memory restored.

and I think the Splitter Brothers would appreciate being able to combine again.

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Thanks for y’all’s input.

No prob! In case you don’t know, a muzzle break is the same thing as a compensator, it’s just a compensator is for small arms.

Is Gatecrasher’s tank mode human-made or cybertronian?

Somewhere in between. It looks like a modern tank, but you fast-forward about 100 years.

So, it’s a human tank built with cybertronian technology, then?

Sorta. The cannons themselves are still firing shells like modern tanks, using gunpowder, but with certain advanced tech such as automated turret, and more efficient weight use. So, lighter armor, no holes for crew view because it’s not needed, due to cameras, stuff that would be common place then, but is still experimental now.