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Modern tank tech is a bit of a hobby for me. In theory I could allow him to shoot rockets out of his barrel, which several modern tanks can do, but I think that’s pushing it.

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Yes, I think it would be, too.

yeah. the modern tank is an incredibly capable fighting machine. Is there anyway I can acquire some HESH rounds? it’ll make fighting armoured vehicles easier.

In the interest of game balance, I’d say you’d be hard-pressed to find some of those.

It’s nothing fancy. it’s just a different kind of head, that’s designed to kill the crew, (or cybernetics) inside the vehicle.

Wait, is Engex an intoxicating beverage?

It depends I think.

I have a fair idea of what they do; and I just don’t think its necessary for Gatecrasher to have those.

Most versions of it are, though a few PCs have had some non-intoxicating versions of it. There are a few varieties of it.

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Juliana for example.


No problem.


we should get Blight on-stage to sing with Juliana.


It appears that Corona, Gatecrasher, and Thrift are bonding over Rick Astley. Also, Corona has excellent taste.


question; would it be possible for Actaeon to try to use his own energon sword to replace the empty handed knight?

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Go ahead and give it a shot.

I figured it would be possible for the swords to disengage from his wing bit and have handles for alternate swordplay, like Optimus’ own energon swords in that one bay movie. (It was in Dark of the Moon, where Optimus could do that.)

I kinda like the idea of Juliana being a Shockwave fangirl.


Shockwave t-shirts and thermoses

Fun fact, I recently got the Ana skin I used to create Blight, so that’s fun, I guess.


Yes please. I would use those in the real world. He’s second to Full-tilt for me. But there’s not alot of Full-tilt merchandise, unless you count every Tryptocon appearance.

General Manager, grandmother, Grand Master…"

General Moron, Grand Mimic, Gold & Money, the list goes on and on. :stuck_out_tongue:


When will Dues’s tests be finished?

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Hang on, I’ll get to that.

Ok. :+1: