Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that we’re about to get Lando’d by Corona. It’s been far too long since Bludgeon last showed.

Would he still be able to rocket away towards the speck?

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Yes, he should be.

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So how are we splitting up dues, in real days, or RP days. I would say the former but that’s me.

whatever works

I mentioned it in his character sheet. It’s not quite on the same level as the one the Apex Armor had in the last game, but a black hole gun is still a black hole gun, I guess.

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Real world days then? Starting today?

My bad. I must’ve glossed over that but that does raise a question: in some continuities, Megatron’s Fusion Cannon is described as drawing power from a black hole and you’re saying a Hyperflux Cannon also does that so what’s the difference between them if both draw power from black holes?

sure, if that is desired. If we treat today the beginning of the week then you would get today and the next two days.

Yep. That’s the thought.

@Chromeharpoon so, do I take control of dues at the signal, or do you maintain control?

It’s spelled Deus

In this continuity, Megatron’s fusion cannon doesn’t draw power from black holes. Some official continuities say it harnesses nuclear fusion, hence the name, but I’d assume it does so to some very, very small degree so as to explain why the gun doesn’t level the environment for miles around (and destroy Megatron himself) whenever it fires. Another example of Transformers’ shaky relationship with science, I guess.

I maintain control.

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Ok. :disappointed:

Maybe a bit later, I’ll let you and @Jcton trade off control of Deus. I’d just have to establish his weapons and abilities first.

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I figured as much.


Which NPC is your favorite?

In this RP? Probably Thrift.

Out of both games? Probably Bootleg.

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Well, there goes that idea. I was going to make a card in honor of Salvation, but I could find no pictures of the ship herself, and thrift would be a pain. I guess I’ll have to settle for the Savant.

Also, Is there a Bazzar or outdoor market around the settlement?

Yeah, I figured. Consider that motivation to build that MOC then.

Sure thing.

Cool. Gives GC and Dues somewhere to go before returning to the ship.

Heads up: I won’t be active tomorrow until after 4 PM, EST.


Question: If Zepar showed Shadowraker what the propmts looked like, could he send her to the pub and have her activate the dock’s ship repairing systems?