Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

I’m not sure Shadowraker would be smart enough for that.

So, Lazerbeak is the exception to Cryocondor intellect, not the norm?

Yeah; Soundwave got the best of the best, what with his position in the Decepticon hierarchy. Most mechanimal companions aren’t so intelligent, even if they are pretty bright.

Makes sense. Thanks.

And in other news, the official youtube playlist for the Pacific Rim OST is working for me again, so that’s awesome. I’ve been wanting to use it the game again for months.


Cool beans. Never seen the movie, not really my thing.

Vladin, quick question: why is Song still on the line with Bludgeon and his crew? Not to sound rude but I feel it necessary to ask if you’re aware they can trace the signal to Planet Omega and set a course for it and bring destruction upon the pilgrims that have made their sanctuary there?

She really doesn’t appreciate alarmism.
Not to mention that she is pretty against the captains atm.

Enough to risk drawing the heretics to these people? Yikes. Well, I guess it does help advance the plot.

Sorry about having Epsilon bolt like that.

When you said “indifferently” did you mean “indecisively”?


In case you didn’t notice, Deus is out, and with Gatecrasher.


Things might be coming to head.


And it begins. This is the start of a MOC of Salvation- more specifically, the beginnings of her warp cannon.


What scale are we talking? Obviously not minifig, but how large are you thinking?

hopefully 1/10000 scale

I don’t know. I guess I’ll see when I finish it.

I might have to order some parts of bricklink/brickowl; I don’t have a lot of sand-colored pieces, as it turns out.


How tall is blight compared to Juliana?

I don’t really know… Maybe the top of her forehead is right at the center of his eye?

That sounds good to me.

@Toa_Vladin I’m pretty sure Maximus isn’t playing anymore, unfortunately.


Where is Thrift? Gatecrasher is going to need to buy Deus a pen and pad, or the equivalent.

Thrift is currently with some of the PCs talking with Corona.