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Gotcha. Just needed to know how to treat it.

I am so not a big fan of fighting Antagonists without a right armā€¦

Luckily, Sorchlock does have backup.

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So, does the pilot of pilot of the fighter have any aerial combat experience at all? Because with the way heā€™s flying, heā€™s gonna get himself killed quickly.

Thatā€™s kinda the point

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In that case, the banking manouver should have shredded him to peices.

I didnā€™t have any of the NPCs shoot after that maneuver. I was waiting for Gatecrasher to make his next move.

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@Chromeharpoon can this Warp Cannon be usedā€¦?

According to Motherboard, yes.

Then pleaseā€¦allow me to do the honorsā€¦

Actually, i kinda wanted to do itā€¦

Iā€™ve was fighting him solo with either GC or Laslow for almost the entire fight.

But I wonā€™t fight you on it

I have to go for just a moment.

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Yā€™know of what this reminds me of?

Sweet, sweet, gloriousā€¦alsparky, jujubian memoriesā€¦

Oh, this is going to make that look like fireworksā€¦

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Awwww, I cannot wait!

Well, first yā€™all have to get Nova in its range somehow. The cannonā€™s stuck facing forward, unfortunately.

Well, thankfully Scorchlock is a good shotā€¦letā€™s hope for the best.

welp, now the most OP PC in the game, Gatecrasher, has his own, personal army. Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nova Prime be like:

Related image


Fair enough.

nova basically just becomes your excuse to nerf players.

Or just wipe the board, kill every PC, and introduce an autocratic rule so that every player is a vegetable.