Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Dunno,” Backbreaker says. “I need to giver her her weapon back, though.”

“We should find her then. Last I heard she was in match with Hotshot. Maybe he knows where she went.”

“Huh… somehow I missed that,” Backbreaker says. “Who won?”

“Don’t know.”
Maximus said with a shrug.

Soon after Hotshot walked in. Looking a little drained.

“Speak of the Chaos Bringer…” Backbreaker mutters, looking over at him.

Hotshot walked up and grabbed some energon. Downing it in one go. He shook himself off, seemingly regaining a bit of energy. Though he still looked noticeably tired.

“Excuse me sir,” she said with a winning smile, “Would you be so kind as to take us to Iota? We’d like to speak to him.”

The guard looked at the pair with an expressionless glare.
“One moment. I’ll need to speak with the games master before you can meet with him.”
The guard said, walking through the door behind him. Leaving the two alone to wait.

“Let me do the talking, alright? This is a delicate matter, we need to make sure to hit all the right buttons, and none of the wrong ones, and having more than one person speaking is going to increase the chances of that happening.”

“Very well.”
Inferno replied.

“Thank you.” She said with a kind smile.

Soon after the guard returned.
“Alright. Follow me.”
He said, turning to lead then to Iota.

Juliana followed.

The guard lead the two to Iota’s office. Or at least what was left of it. The walls were covered in burn damaged. The remains of incinerated silk could be seen hanging from the walls, and broken gold decorations were all over the floor.

“What do you want?”
Iota asked. Clearly lacking any patience.

“Hello sir.” Juliana said with a polite bow. “We are sorry to bother you, but we wanted to ask about the brave soul who informed you the culprit for all this destruction. My companion and I would like to thank him for his efforts in keeping order, but do not know who he or she is.”

Iota would raise an eyebrow if he could.
“You really had to waste my time with such a trivial question?”
He asked, rather annoyed.
“If you must know, it was Hotspot. Now get out of my sight.”
He said, moving his hand back and forth, indicating for them to leave.

“Thank you sir” she said with another bow before quickly leaving the room.

Inferno quickly followed behind. A shocked expression on his face.

When they were safely away from gaurds, Juliana spoke. “Well, that was easier than I expected.”

“I can’t believe this… My own queen… A betrayer.”
Inferno said. He was absolutely beside himself.