Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Wouldn’t it be king?” She wondered aloud, before shaking her head to clear the thought. “Not the time. So, we now know who, now we need why.”

“Why indeed. I can’t imagine why the royalty would do such a thing!”

She paused. Inwardly she gave a small sigh, she’d been outsmarted…well, no…she just didn’t plan this through. She nodded and transformed into a tank like design and hooked up to Jetfire.

The large autobot jolted and shot upright, causing the loosely attached minicon post to fly off, with the minicon attached.

“Primus what happened!”
He shouted.

“Lots of reasons, personal grudges, maintenance of power, need for a scapegoat.” She listed.

Backbreaker waves Hot Shot over to his table.

Out of curiosity, Machbreaker briefly inspected the large container to see if there was a disposal or incineration option. Not that he planned on using it at the moment, was just curious. Though Nebula grabbing other tools distracted him from this.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Machbreaker heads back to the counter where he got the tool to put it back. And hopefully find a replacement container for the one he was taking.

Tie-Grabber says something unspeakable under his breathe and tries to shove the grate at an angle on the inside, jamming it on the walls. He then lowers himself by extending the cable on his crane arm to see what’s up. Depending on height, it probably wouldn’t be enough to reach the ground, but to see things it should do.

Railgun took the direction that continued them forward and away from the previous place.

“I think it best that we ask him. See what he has to say.”
Inferno suggested.

The autobot walked over and sat down. Making a clear effort to ignore Maximus.

“Hey. What’s up?”
He asked.

There was no such option on the larger container.

Nebula looked at Machbreaker as he climbed up.
“I figured Railfire might be able to use some of these for his tests.”
She answered simply enough.

There was luckily a number of empty gas containers neatly stacked up on the counter.

The room was vast. A high ceiling with many equally spaced spotlights. Behind him was an elevator that lead to the upper area. The floor was a cool blue-grey stone. But the most notable feature were the dozens upon dozens of confiscated cybertronian ships neatly spaced out beneath the spotlights. There was one specific craft that might catch his attention, given its unique design and vibrant colors.

Right it is then. Clawshot followed, not saying much.

“Who won?” Backbreaker asks.

“Juliana. She kicked my aft, no question. I didn’t even know she could fight like that.”
Hotshot said. Still not completely believing what happened.

“She’s full of surprises, ain’t she?” Backbreaker remarks. “Makes you wonder why she’s down here with us threes.”

“Well she’s not anymore.”
Hotshot said.
“Last I heard on my way out of the arena, she got promoted to tier 2.”

Machbreaker takes an empty one and twists it onto the tool and puts it back. He picks back up the container with the Vex and looks as though he wants to hand it to Nebula.

“Too dangerous. Vex would think someone tampered or stole from them.” Machbreaker countered, though not so much in an argumentative way. If she wanted to, he wasn’t going to stop her.

“Watch this?” He says and he puts down the container her Nebula.

He jumps off the counter and rockets up to the vent, hovering there as he opens the grate more. Not large enough to slip the container in and probably not all the tools. He of course works on removing it carefully, taking it off like a homeowner.

Tie-Grabber’s mouth hangs open and can’t even let out a gasp from the sight. He slaps himself and blinks a couple times to come back to focus.

“I-uh, I don’t think that big red one is an ordinary ship. Let’s get aboard and see if we can wake it up.” Tie-Grabber says.

He judges the remaining distance to the floor and, if not too great, swings his hook enough to unlatch and fall.

“You were taken by coincidence, right?” Railgun suddenly asked. “Who were the Transformers that were on the ship?”

“That’s good,” Backbreaker says. “She certainly deserves it.”

“Hm. If you say so.”
Nebula said. At first she thought he sounded paranoid, but given how much hot water they were in after the office stunt, it made sense. She set down the tools and picked up the container, waiting for Machbreaker to finish opening the vent.

Ramjet waited for him to land, and then walked over to the red ship. He took notice of the various details on its surface. Specifically tbe triangle symbol that was placed on the six circular parts. It must have been important to be repeated so much.

“Eh. That was ages ago. If I remember right, I think it was Demolishor and Cyclonus.”
Clawshot replied.

“Yeah. She’s honestly had it coming for a long while.”
Hotshot said.

“Though things are probably gonna be a lot different here without her.”
Maximus said.

“Probably,” Backbreaker agrees.

“Maybe the rest of us will start winning for once,” he chuckles.

“Yeah. Hopefully.”
Hotshot laughed.

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She flew up in the air. She was quite scared. Because falling is not nice, and she was too frozen to transform, and oh gosh the ground was coming up quick.

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Railfire dove to catch the minicon, grabbing hold of her and crashing into the ground.

“My apologies.”
He said.
“I didn’t realize the fit was so loose.”

“Seriously, though, this is good,” Backbreaker says. “Means she can start spreading the word among the higher tiers.”