Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

She gave a mild shiver and slowly transformed blinking and taking off the temporary port section off her back.

“Yeah. Definitely. Though the more I think about it, I’m not so sure about getting word up to tier 1.”

Railfire stood up and dusted himself off. Thankful that he didn’t make much of a mess.

“Would someone kindly explain to me what the hell is going on!”
Jetfire said, getting up off the operating table.
“Last thing I remember is getting blasted by that kid, and now I’m here!”

“The injury you sustained from Maximus was nearly fatal.”
Railfire explained.
“I did my best to keep you stable, but even after your repairs, you remained in stasis for quite a while. In fact it was only thanks to this minicon here that you were revived.”

She did not comment and hopped onto Railfire’s shoulder to wait for the conversation between the two to die down.

“Yeah well… Thanks. I guess.”
Jetfire said before be got up and walked out. Returning to the tier 2 area.

OOC: Fyi, this is the Jetfire we’re working with.

Machbreaker finishes taking it off and pulls it out, holding it open for Nebula to get in. Once she does, he puts it back on and reconnects it to the wall on the outside before slipping back in. Then finishes any remaining repairs on the inside before moving on to go back.

He lands with a roll and runs over to the ship, looking to see how to enter it. The symbols don’t particularly stand out to him, because the ship overall was very ornate.

“And what was that ship’s purpose?” Railgun asked. Though while he figured those taken by the Vex were just random, he always tried to find some pattern. If only because they seemed to break it.

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Nebula was able to boost up no problem, even if her arms were full. She waited for Machbreaker to finish the work before she started walking back.

“Well. That was easy.”
She said.

There was an entry hatch on the front. A ramp that lowered down, placed just under the base of the dragon neck.

A built in motion detector senses the two minicon’s approach, and the ramp lowers down, allowing them entrance.

“Huh. Guess the Vex forgot to lock it after they took out whoever was inside.”
Ramjet said.

“Personal transport. Nothin’ fancy. I was just there for maintenance.”
Clawshot replied.

She gave a nod, before writing down something on her tablet and showing it to Railfire, “What else are you working on?”

“Nothing else at the moment.”
Railfire said.
“I’m currently waiting for some other minicons to return with a particular sample for me to study. But until then I have nothing else to do.”

“So far. Half way done and near one third completed.” Machbreaker says as he catches up to Nebula.

He offers to carry the container, mostly worried about it breaking. And also if anything attacked them, it would be easier for her to shoot without it in her arms.

“Or Iota takes it for joyrides,” Tie-Grabber says as he walks up the ramp and into the ship.

“So how did the Vex take the ship? They select Cybertronians exclusively, must be some way they’re identifying us.” Railgun said.

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“That’ll be tricky,” Backbreaker agrees. “No way to contact them when they’re not fighting, and with Iota watching it’d be impossible to pitch our plan to 'em when they’re brought out.”

She handed it off, glad to have her arms free.

“To think, that little sample could be the key to our freedom. I still can’t believe we actually might have a shot this time.”

The entry room of the ship wasn’t much to write home about. A sniper rifle leaned against one wall. Close to it was a shelf that held a wide variety of ammunition types. On the other wall were two curved short swords, hung in a crossed position. There also seemed to be a space for a larger weapon to hang, though it was vacant.

“To be honest I don’t remember much. Some weird light scanned over the ship. Then a little bit later the whole thing shook. I must’a hit my head on something 'cause I can’t remember seeing anything after that. But I remember hearing sounds of a fight… Next thing I knew I woke up in here.”

“And that’s assuming they want anything to do with this in the first place.”
Hotshot said.

She nodded, “What sample?” She wrote.

“Vex samples.”
Railfire said.
“A piece of their gaseous essence. With it I may be able to find new ways to fight against our captures.”

She scribbled down on her board, “Think any of them are good?”

“What do you mean?”
He asked.

She scribbled down, “Well, do you think any of them can be reasoned with?”

Railfire thought for a long moment…
“Doubtful. Those who hold us prisoner here seem at best apathetic to our situation. I doubt any of the guards here would be willing for any kind of conversation.”

She scribbled down, “Think it would hurt for me to try?”

“I would not recommend such an action.”
He said.
“But I would not try to stop you if you insisted.”

“Why wouldn’t they?” Backbreaker asks.