Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Just think about how good they must have it up there. You really think they’ll be willing to give up whatever luxury Iota is giving them?”
Hotshot replied.

“But they’re still slaves,” Backbreaker says. “A cage is a cage, no matter how nice you dress it up.”

“A key. Many locked doors, need many keys.” Machbreaker replies, though not in a downer way. Something closer to being lost in thought, looking forward to the next steps.

Since it would be better, Machbreaker transforms and has the container strap to his sled self. He doesn’t race off however, not wanting to break their prize.

Tie-Grabber took note of the weapons, could be useful to take back. He goes deeper into the ship, also keeping an eye out for any Minicon/maintenance hatches.

“Didn’t even confiscate the weapons. Sure are confident gas cans.”

It was something, but not the greatest info. Though not too different from his own experience, Railgun was never sure what quite hit them. One moment they were one their mission and then the next they were in this prison. Alone.

But someone at least fighting back was different. A notation of the scan was good, but not helpful. At least, Railgun wasn’t sure what they would scan for outside of an Energon based lifeform, but there were more than Cybertronians that lived off the stuff.

“Where the others also knocked out during that event?” Railgun asks.

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She scribbled down something on her pad and then froze before showing it, “Can you…look me down a bit? I’m…a bit damaged…”

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“You got a point there.”
Hotshot said.
“But we still don’t have a way to get the message to them in the first place.”

“Yeah. But one key is better than nothing. And nothing is all we’ve had until now. It feels like we’re actually making progress for once. It’s exciting!”
She said eagerly.

The ship didn’t seem to have any minicon accommodations. Past the entry room was a set of stairs. At the top of which were two ways to go. Towards the back of the ship where the sleeping quarters were, and towards the front, where there seemed to be a general living area, and beyond that was likely the bridge of the ship.

Ramjet followed Tiegrabber up the stairs, and waited to see which way he would go.

“Don’t know.”
Clawshot said with a shrug.
“Maybe, but I really can’t say for sure.”

“Well I don’t see why not. You helped me after all. It’s only fair I help you.”
Railfire said cheerfully. He gently lifted the minicon off his shoulder and set her down on the table where Jetfire once was. He then used the medical scanner to look him over, to get a basic run down of any and all of her issues.

Her voice box was a mess of mangled wires making it massively disconnected and unusable. She had a lot of other smaller issues that looked painful enough. She was in a fair state of disrepair.

“Yes! Yes! Most exciting. Can’t wait to see what data is produced.” Machbreaker chimes.

Tie-Grabber headed towards the front. While he had never been on any ship, if they were anything like the trains, the controls at the front would tell them more than the back. At least, initially anyways.

“Hm. Very well. I ask for when we escape, we need something to help ensure they won’t come back for us. Any clues are helpful.” Railgun said.

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“I wonder if it’s still conscious in there.”
She mused. Tapping on the glass, the has within swirled and shuttered in response.

The room before the controls was very… Homely. And large. There were two sofas at each side wall, with a table made of wood in the middle. On said table was a large book. Ramjet jumped up and looked at it closer. It was brimming with bookmarks messily sticking out of the top. The cover had the same symbol molded on the front that he saw on the ship.

And beneath it “Prose Edda” was written in cybertronian text.

“This thing as big as I am.”
Ramjet said in surprise. He had never seen a real book before. All information was handled on data pads. Turning pages and remembering your place seemed so inefficient to him.

There were windows that have a good view of the outside on either wall. There were photos of different star formations, fascinating planets, and stunning nebulas all taped up around the windows.

There was a book shelf half stocked with books, half stalked with data pads.

Finally there seemed to be a large gash in the ceiling, next to the light. Seemingly made by a blade of some kind.

“If you ask me, I like the predacon’s plan.”
Clawshot said.
“Nebula’s told me that he wants to tear this whole place to the ground before we leave.”
He said excitedly.

Railfire gave a heavy sigh and moved the scanner away.
“I can fix… Most of you. I’m afraid I can’t do anything about your voice box. Such a delicate techno-organ, and on someone of your size… If we were back on Cybertron I could help you. But with these tools and my limited resources, it’s not a risk worth taking. The rest of your injuries however should be easy enough to repair.”

She looked at him and gave a nod. She didn’t move and just looked a bit dejected. This was the main reason she even came in here. To speak again, she missed speaking.

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“Hopefully not if parasitic. Conscious gas in metal husks, could become host if escaped.” Machbreaker worried.

Tie-Grabber is not sure if he’s seen a book either, but was less interested in its content. Really, the gash was more interesting to him. He looks at it and thinks to the swords from earlier, mentally comparing it to see if they matched. Maybe investigate that later, and those datapads.

“Looks like someone tried to fight back.” Tie-Grabber commented and headed for the controls. “And failed.”

“And if the rest of the Vex decide to avenge this place?” Railgun inquired.

“That’s a good point.”
Nebula said, taking a cautious step back from the glass container.

Ramjer said, hopping off the table.
“I wonder who this ship belongs to anyway.”

“It’s an entertainment hub. Not some sacred temple. I don’t think anyone is gonna care enough to ‘avenge’ it.”
Clawshot said.

Though not being able to understand her, Railfire could still tell she was upset.

“Fret not little one. Once we escape, I’m sure I’ll be able to get your voice box fixed. It’s merely a matter of time.”
The medic said, trying to cheer her up.

She nodded looking a bit grateful. After all, that meant this medic wanted to have her around. She thought back to the little energon cubes and started to silently laugh.

Railfire grabbed some of his tools and walked over to the table.
“Before we begin, I don’t believe you’ve told me your name.”

“Not yet,” Backbreaker says. “We just gotta think of something.”

“Well I think we can rule out minicons.”
Hotshot said.
“I mean practically I’m sure they could get there and deliver the message. But I don’t think they would listen.”

She scribbled it down on her board, “Pennicila”

Backbreaker frowns.

“We just need to find a guy who won’t jump the gun like those train guys did.”

“Quite the interesting name. I like it.”
He said happily.
“Now lie down. This shouldn’t take too much time.”

“But think about it. We barely knew that these minicons existed before now. Do you really think guys in tier 1 would hear them out?”

“As if they’d listen to any of us more than them?” says Backbreaker.

“I guess you got a point there.”
Hotshot admitted.