Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

She did as ordered and looked around for a powerlinx symbol on the medic.

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No such symbol could be found.

In little time Railfire was able to finish his work. Pennicila would be feeling as good as new. Save for her voice box of course.

Welp,” Backbreaker sighs, “time to find more midgets.”

Hotshot snorted a suppressed laugh.
“Alright, but where do we find one?”

She stretched and gave a nod. She scribbled something down on her pad and lifted it up, “Anything I can help with?”

“Not at the moment. Though if I’m being honest, having a personal assistant would be nice. There are three other minicon friends of mine who help me on occasion, but they have their own agenda.”

She nodded smiling beneath her mask. She scribbled down something on her pad and lifted it up for the larger bot to see, “Well I’d be happy to assist. Probably should get yourself a minicon port…might be useful later on.”

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Railfire smiled.

“A partner of my very own. What a marvelous idea.”
Railfire said eagerly.
“Maximus’ partnership with Nebula seems to be going well. Why not? Though now the question remains, where should I put the interface?”
He mused. Clearly looking for some kind of input.

She nodded with a grin underneath her mask. She picked up her pad and scribbled a bit down, “Probably on your back, that’s the most logical place to place such an apparatus. What is your alt mode sir?”

Machbreaker remained quiet for the moment, focusing on getting the container back safely.

“If they kept a captain’s log, might hold an answer. Or clues in those datapads.” Tie-Grabber said.

He comes onto the bridge and looks at the room, trying to identify usable controls and terminals. Though not the most familiar he asks, “So which one would check ship status?”

“And the Vex who die in its destruction? Even if no-one likes Iota, what of the guards and other civilians?” Railgun asks. “Or, is Iota the only Vex who utilizes bulks in their enterprise?”

“Oddball’s a smaller guy,” Backbreaker says, “and he speaks their language.”

“A space fighter. Though in truth I haven’t needed to transform in many years.”

Nebula too remained quiet as they went.

The bridge had three main consoles. Each one having it’s own monitor. There were also two windows on either side of the room.

“That one right there.”
Ramjet said, pointing to the center console. While he himself walked over and jumped up on to the left console.

“Hell if I know.”
Clawshot said with a shrug.
“Weren’t you the one who scoped out his office? I think you’d be the one with those kinds of answers.”

“So we find Oddball so he can find us a minicon?”

“…Did Minicons contribute?” Machbreaker wondered aloud.

“Thanks.” He quickly says.

Tie-Grabber hops up on it and looks at the available buttons and controls. Surfing through it for whatever information or interesting functions it could offer.

“Not answers, just posing potential adversaries after escape. Though Iota’s office was bore little itself. We know some of the crowds love this place, but it seems their queen does not. Rest of this world’s politics on the matter are unknown. So until then, assumption of threat.” Railgun explained.

Where is everyone? It is awfully quiet for some reason. Where’s the the blame? The accusations?! Oh, this is no fun at all.

Alter settings. Execute, Overclock.

A decently size disc is ejected and forms into a yellow robotic entity. With a smirk, he runs into the commons area to see what he can do.

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Her eyes went wide and gleamed, “You’ve been to space?”

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“Contribute to what?”
Nebula asked.

There were all manner of buttons and controls, as well as the main pilot’s control. All of which Tiegrabber could try messing with.

There was also a framed photo propped up on the dashboard. In the center was Maximus and Axis. Both beaming with joy. To their sided were two more predacons. The red one looked tall and fit. His arms crossed with two halves of a dragon head serving as shoulder pads. The other one was brown. Very short and stocky, with the bottom jaw of his beast mode on his chest. His own jaw was large and protruded, much like Bulkhead’s. Both of the other individuals looked just as happy as the two familiar ones.

Ramjet was inspecting the left console, when he stumbled on some buttons. Causing the monitor to light up, and a video began to play.

“A queen? Great. The idea that there’s some pompous gas bad that’s even more hoity toity than Iota makes me sick.”
Clawhsot said.

Many bots were in the commons chatting among themselves. Maximus and Axis were sharing some Energon and bantering back and forth. Razorclaw soon sat down to join them, holding rations of her own.

Wildsong, Demolishor, Cyclonus, Thundercracker, and Skywarp were all at one table planning something.

Blackout was on his own tinkering with some foil as usual.

Hotshot was still talking to Backbreaker.

And Tire and Rotor were off in the corner talking to each other.

“Yes. Many times in fact. Nothing more peaceful than racing through the void I tell you.”
Railfire said. His expression was a present one as he reflected on long gone memories.

She looked in awe, “I hadn’t left Cybertron before coming here…”

“I see. Perhaps, after we get out of here, I could take you for a flight? Would you enjoy that?”
Railfire offered.

She nodded eyes glimmering with joy, “Oh very,” she wrote down.

“To the AllSpark for the Predacons and Maximals. Did survivors contribute part of themselves as well? Are newer Minicons more like them or us?” Machbreaker asked, not really expecting an answer.

“You’ve got to be kiddin’ me. This is dunder bolt’s ship?! How did they get something so fancy!” Tie-Grabber more complained than exclaimed.

Though with the video coming on, his focus was shifted. He comes on over to see what plays.

“Yet she could prove useful in our escape plans. Maybe even to be left alone.” Railgun commented with a shrug.

Overclock heads for the group at the table.

Railfire said.
“I look forward to the day. However until then, we must get this interface installed.”

“Hm. Never thought of that.”
Nebula said quietly. She didn’t really have much to say.

Ramjet watched the music video with wide eyed fascination. The decepticons never had much in the way of entertainment. So media like this was a rarity to him.

He said.

“How could she help? Just because she doesn’t like this place doesn’t mean she likes us.”

“Come on you two. The three of us are already in. Why won’t you?”
Wildsong asked.

“I just don’t think it’ll work. There have been dozens of escape attempts. What makes this one any different?”
Skywarp responded.