Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Or why not just get him to do it?” Backbreaker spitballs. “He can do that weird shifting thing- I bet he could slither through vents or something.”

She nodded and picked up a couple tools.

“I don’t know. Tier 1 is unpredictable. I’m not sure how safe it would be.”

Meanwhile Blackout got up from his seat. The hulking decepti-bruiser walked out, looking very intent on something.

“If you think it would be best placed on my back, I’m afraid you will have to preform this operation entirely on your own. Are you okay with that?”
Railfire asked.

She gave a nod, gesturing for the parts.

Railfire acquired all the necessary pieces and set them down next to her. Then he sat down on an adjacent table.

“Alright. Whenever you’re ready.”

She delicately took the base part and began to work with attaching it. Then the next piece, and then the next. It took a while, but eventually she finished hooking up all the needed wires and frame parts.

“So, are you finished?”
Railfire asked, looking back over his shoulder.

She nodded, and took a step back.

“Excellent work. Now, would you like to give it a test run?”

After much time in stasis, Jetfire finally returned to the tier 2 commons.

“Alright alright. I’m back everybody. What’d I miss?”


Juliana, who had been discussing ways of approaching Hotspot, heard Jetfire’s voice and turned to greet him.

“Oh, hello Jetfire!” She said.

“What the- Juliana? The hell are you doing here?”
Jetfire asked, clearly very confused.

“She got promoted earlier today.”
Gronius said apathetically. Not looking up from an old data pad he was reading.

“Oh. Alright. Well uh, good on you I suppose.”

“Oh and Steeljaw is dead.”
Gronius said, still not looking up.

“What! For Primus sake how long have I been out?”
The autobot exclaimed. Now confused and distressed to boot.

She nodded, transforming into a tank and attaching to Railfire.

The old medic was filled with a surge and a rush of power. It was exhilarating.

With the connection formes, the two would be able to speak to one another through thought.

Backbreaker notice’s Blackout’s sudden departure out of the corner of his eye.

“Hold it,” he says to Hot Shot. " think Blackout might be up to something."

“If you wanna tail him go ahead. I think I’ll stay here.”
Hotshot said.

Her voice is small and friendly. She sounded extremely extroverted and incredibly cheery, “Hello! Is it working properly?”

“Yes. The connection is working perfectly.”
Railfire thought pleasantly.
“I must say, it is good to hear you.”

“Um, well a good while actually. Someone trashed Iota’s office and Hotspot told Iota it was Steeljaw.” She said, lowering her voice for the last bit.

“Well did Steeljaw actually do it?”
Jetfire asked, absolutely irate.

“We don’t think so, we were actually about to begin asking around to see if we can get him an alibi.”