Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

Jetfire grumbled to himself.
“Mother of Primus. I can’t believe Steeljaw is slaggin’ dead! Bulkhead get in here!”
Jefire shouted into the barracks.

The lumbering autobot walked out, and was excited to see his friend again.

“Jetfire you’re okay! I knew you’d make it!”
He said excitedly.

“Yeah yeah. It’s good to see you too. But for now we need to ask you a few questions.”


Backbreaker gets up to follow Blackout.

“Aw, thank you! It’s nice for someone to finally hear me. You have no idea how many people don’t care to read my signs…oh well. So, what’s your powered up ability? Any hidden rifles or blades?”

“Captured before the new breeds?” Machbreaker asks.

“Bah, you can be amazed by it later? We’ve got to see if this thing runs!” Tie-Grabber bewilders.

“I said maybe, nothing certain. Outside of perhaps being a distraction during our escape. But if a leader does not like a place like this, unless the arena is just an eyesore on the city skyline, perhaps it’s the fights. Or Iota has too much favor with the people. We may never know.” Railgun says.

Overclock tries to get under the table to listen in more, turning back into a disk in attempts to roll under unnoticed.

Blackout didn’t notice. He walked his way down the halls and into the community forge.

“I have none installed, so there is none to activate. Though perhaps such an idea would not be a bad one. Some personal modification may be in order.”

“Nah. I was on Cybertron when the smaller bulks showed up. Never really cared about the change. The well still kept spitting out minicons from time to time so there wasn’t anything to worry about.”

“Right right. I get it.”
Ramjet turned to the main console, and noticed the photo. He walked over and gave it a look. He honestly felt bad for the two. I mean, of course they had loved ones out there. Most the prisoners did. But actually seeing them, it was different.

But there was time to reflect later. Now work is to be done. He started messing with the controls, pulling up system reports and the like. The more he looked the more little features he found in this vessel. Primarily were two exploratory drones named Hugin and Munin, as well as a weapons system named Fafnir.

He tried to activate it. A low spark flashed from the control handles, and a large red message appeared on the primary monitor.

Access denied. Incorrect energy signature.

“Well scrap. I was really curious to see that one.”
Ramjet said.

“And I hope we never will. After we bust outta this joint, I hope I never see another Vex again.”

As they walked through the vents, multiple grates were open to a large and industrial looking chamber. Perhaps this is what they were looking for.

His actions are done without attention.

“Come on. Don’t you want to get out of here? Don’t you want to be free?”
Wildong pressed.

“Of course I do. But just because I want something doesn’t mean its going to happen.”
Skywarp replied.
“If you guys want to go out and get yourselves killed, be my guest. But leave me out of it.”

“Everyone please calm down. We’re all friends here. Can we please not fight?”
Demolishor pleaded.


“Hm, got any ideas in mind?”

“Not at the moment, no. Though I’m sure something will come to me in time.”

“Energon stun waves are fun…”

Backbreaker follows from a ways behind Blackout.

When he walked into the forge, the decepticon weapons specialist quickly set to work. Heating raw materials and hammering them out inti something.

“Indeed. And such an ability could flow well with my combat style. Definitely one to consider.”

“Yes, we do.” Juliana affirmed.

“When everything with the office happened, did you see Steeljaw? Was he with you?”
Inferno asked.

“Uh, yeah. He wanted me to paint another portrait of him.”
Bulkhead replied.

“So there’s no way he could have committed the act as accused?”

“Yeah… I guess not…”
Bulkhead admitted, sounding notably upset as he put the dots together.

“Well that’s all I need to hear.”
Jetfire said angrily, just before he walked off into the barracks.

“Uh Oh, I think we should stop him.” She said truning to chase after him. “Bulkhead! Come on, we might need your strength to hold Jetfire down!”

Backbreaker watches from the entryway.

“I think you might be right.”
Bulkhead said, sounding very worried.

But before he could reach the barracks, Jetfire could be heard shouting from the other room.

Suddenly Hotspot came flying out of the barracks past the others and crashing into the opposite wall. With Jetfire storming out after him.

“You’re supposed to be our leader! How could you sentence one of our own to death!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Hotspot growled.

Blackout continued to work away at the metal. The large decepticon exercising a surprising amount of skill in the craft. Though it was hard to tell just what he was making from the doorway.

“Oh, my syringe mode is good for stunning people…”

“Wait. You mean to tell me that strange weapon earlier was you?”
Railfire asked, sounding quite curious.

She gave a peal of laughter, “I guess my disguise really worked!”

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“Fascinating. I’ve never heard of a minicon triple changer before.”
Railfire said, sounding quite intrigued.

“There’s a couple more of us out there, we’re uncommon…but we do pop up from time to time…”

OOC: Prime’s minicon from Armada is actually a triple changer…gun, plane, and bot…