Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“You know, I’ve never truly recognized how interesting you minicons are. And admittedly, I find you make better company than most individuals my size.”

She gave a nervous inward laugh, “Well gee thanks…”

“Bulkhead! Stop him!” She orders, before turning to Hotspot, “We know you framed Steeljaw, but we would like to know why.” She explains.

Backbreaker steps into the forge, pulling out his own sword and studying it in the orange glow of the flames and molten metal. This weapon had been with him throughout his entire career as a gladiator, his service in the Great War, and his time in this ****arena. It had been broken and reforged more times than he could count. Kinda like him…

Maybe he’d have to replace the sword one day; nothing lasted forever, after all- but you could make some things last a **** long while if you knew how. No, like him, this sword still had some life in it.

Primus, he laughs at himself, look at me, getting all sentimental…

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Bulkhead restrained Jetfire. He struggled for a moment, but stopped after little time. Despite being of equal size, Bulkhead was of far greater strength.

“It’s simple…”
Hotspot said, short of breath. He struggled to his feet. The impact clearly knocked something out of him.
“One of needed to die, or we would have all suffered.”

“He was one of our own! He was our friend!”
Jetfire shouted back.

“He was a decepticon!”
Hotspot spat back.
“It was only a matter of time before he stabbed us in the back.”

Blackout continued to work. He was aware of Backbreaker’s presence. But he said nothing.

“Tell me, how long have you been here?”
Railfire asked.

Juliana narrowed her eyes. “How long have you been here Hotspot?” She asked.

“Longer than any of you.”
He replied. Though Juliana of course being the obvious exception to the claim.
“A 'con is a 'con. We’re better off without him.”

“You, are a fool.” She said, her voice level, yet caustic. “The kind of fool that looks only at the surface level and never any deeper. Bots like you are the source of half the trouble in the world. Steeljaw had people he cared for, and friends that cared about him.” She jabed a finger into Hotspots chest, oddly intimidating for a bot a head shorter than him.
“And YOU took that away from him. You are scum.”

“You haven’t been what I’ve been through. The decepticons are a scourge to this galaxy. You think that just because the war is over that they’ll change? You don’t know anything!”
Hotspot shouted. Bulkhead, Inferno, Quickstrike, and Gronius all looked in horror, as they saw a side of their leader they had never known before.

Backbreaker continues to study his sword, not wanting to pester Blackout while he worked.

“You don’t even remember him do you? You don’t even remeber Wideload… well I do… he was the kindest, sweetest man I’ve ever met, but forced to fight… and he was a decepticon. Just like SteelJaw, just like Skywarp, just Like Thundercracker, just like a million other decepticons forced to fight because fools like you cannot learn to let go of their anger and resentment.”

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“I wanna know, why’d you join the autobots?”
Blackout asked. Seemingly out of nowhere.

“You never had to fight then like I did.”
Hotspot growled.
“I know you. I know how long you’ve been here. While bots like me were fighting a war, fighting for our lives, you were here. You want to talk about losing people you care about? I had an entire slagging team to look after. You don’t know the decepticons! Not like I do!”

“Chief! Give it a rest! The war was ages ago. People change for Primus sake!”
Jetfire shouted back.

Backbreaker shrugs.

“Was the right thing to do,” he says. It was partly true; he just left out the part about wanting revenge on Megatron. He wasn’t sure how that’d go over with a Decepticon.

“Hm. Maybe.”
He said quietly.
“We all got a reason we fight. That’s why I asked. For a while, I was afraid I lost mine. Fighting day in and day out just for the sake of it. But now… I got something to fight for again. Thanks for that.”
The decepticon sounded surprisingly genuine. Especially considering how quiet he was most of the time.

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“Exactly my point! It gives me a more neutral perspective than you’ll ever have! I’ve seen both sides, and I can tell you both sides are exactly the same.”

“Enough of this!”
Jetfire shouted. He wrenched himself away from Bulkhead and ran at Hotspot. He grabbed the commander by the chest and threw him on the ground. Pinning him down with one foot, and aiming his gun right at his head.

“Jetfire, be sensible! You can’t do that!”
Gronius said.

“He’s a traitor! Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t blast him here and now!”
Jetfire countered.

“Because this isn’t the way! A lynching leads to anarchy! Not to mention that it’ll bring Iota down on the lot of us! I say we bring him to Iota and let Iota handle it!”

“Like Iots is gonna care. You heard what he said. We’re his toys. What does it matter if one of them lied? A traitor like him doesn’t deserve to an autobot. Let alone a commander.”

“No, but we can’t kill him either or Iota will punish us all. Do we have a cell with a lock we can operate?” She asked.

“No, but I can improvise.”
Jetfire lifted Hotspot by the back of the neck. He walked into the barracks and threw him into his cell, slamming the door shut. Then taking Inferno’s flamethrower out of his cell, he used it to fuse the door shut.

“There. We’ll keep him locked up until we figure out what to do with him.”
Jetfire said.