Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Right, now, do we want to decide now, or wait until we’ve all cooled down a bit?”

“I don’t know…quite a bit…sort of lost track of time with failing systems. Kinda just hid out in the wall and dozed off a bit. Mini-cons are a little bit of a commodity or were…so I didn’t really want to be caught you see…”

“I say we calm down.”
Gronius said.
“Tensions are high. Any decision made now would be done in poor judgement.”

“I gotta agree there.”
Replied Bulkhead.

“I understand. I myself have many secretes that I would prefer the others not know. Which I suppose is partially why I’ve grown so fond of you minicons.”

Spirit walked by the hall, poking her head in. She’d been pacing again. She paused, “What’s happened?” She said quietly looking nervously into the room. Not that said nervousness was truly apparent with her glassy face.

“In that case, I’m going to my cell. I still haven’t had the chance to get completely settled in.” She said.

“Well it’s nice to meet another autobot medic…”

Jetfire turned to the meek decepticon.

“None of your business. This is between our tier. You should go back to your own.”
He said sternly.

“I believe that would be a good idea for us all. Perhaps a bit of rest might be what we need.”
Said Inferno

“I’m a decepticon actually.”
Railfire said.
“Though not that it means much anymore.”

“Alright then.” She said, turning to walk away “Good evening boys!”

Inferno and Quickstrike both nod. Jetfire grumbles to himself and gets some energon. Bulkhead decided to take Inferno’s advice and power down for a bit. And Gronius returned to what he was reading.

Juliana stode doem to her cell, and flopped down on the bed and sighed.

“Well, that was a stressful first day. Hopefully it won’t always be this exciting.”

She leaned over, and put a disc in her player. It was one of her favorites, always good for unwinding.

It was a ‘best of’ sort of compliation. It had some of the best of the best in both artists and in songs.

OOC: I have similar opinions of the song. They were even able to fit Randy Travis in, even if he wasn’t able to sing.

She cherished this song, both in terms of the music, and in what it meant to her personally. It was a gift from Wideload. He had traded for it from a Junkeon, and gave it to her. It brought back good memories.

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The others stay about their business. Though the music does help to lighten the tension overall.

OOC: Alright. Gotta go to work soon. You guys know the drill.

She gave an extremely nervous laugh, “Well, I uh…yes you’re quite right. However, I could be useful as a…neutral party? I barely know any of you, outside of reputation that. is.”

She took a step inside, her wings folding up completely. The bulky backpack that made her look completely uncoordinated was eliminated quite quickly flipping around and about and adding to legs and arms. She stood tall, taller then Jetfire easily. She was thin for her proportions, but not for the rest of the bots. She looked down on them with her glassy face waiting for an answer.

She sputtered incoherently, her thoughts a jumble, “Oh, gosh…I’m sorry…that must have been quite rude!”

OOC: Well the situation has since been resolved, so I’m not sure what to do.

“Ease yourself. Its of little concern. The war was so long ago, things like autobots and decepticons do not matter as much as they once did.”

OOC: He’s been locked up, she’s saying she could talk to him, or she’s implying it.

“No, no, that was quite rude. I’m sorry, I’ve met a few cons back in the wartime that had a hobby of um…collecting us,” she mumbled, “But hey! You’re adorable and kinda funny. I don’t feel uncomfortable around you so I think we’ll be quite fine.”

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“Yet. Had nothing to worry about originally either.” Machbreaker solemnly replied.

“Did you just try to activate the weapons?” Tie-Grabber asked, with a slight bit of concern. “Eh, whatever, we at least know who can activate it. See anything else on the status?”

Railgun gestures for Clawshot to stop and looks around outside the grates to get a better view. Looking for any telling sign of some sort of shrinking or processing equipment.

Overclock goes back into his robot mode and looks around. He sees who is across from Demolishor and then kicks the Decepticon’s foot in a way that would sort of line up just as he finishing saying, “Can we please not fight?”

He then sidesteps out of the way in case the large bot decided to kick back.

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“He’s a traitor. Not worth talking to.”
Jerfire said, not intimidated by her height.

“Yes. The Powerlinx initiative. While I wasn’t a part of it myself, I am well aware of all it was. That being said, I’m glad to hear what you think of me. Though I don’t believe I’ve ever been described as… ‘adorable’.”
He said awkwardly.

“The new bulks are also a lot smaller. Easier to fight. I could probably take one out if I wanted to.”

“Everything is running just fine. But I have my suspicions…”
He tried to activate the ship’s engines. Just enough to rev up. Not take off. A similar flash came from the handles.

Incorrect energy signature. Access denied.

“Yeah. Just like I thought.”
He said, clearly disappointed.

All the equipment in the chamber was massive. A circular panel on the floor that was big enough to fit a ship on.

A huge shutter door where the ships likely came through.

And a towering chamber, the inside lined with strange devices. That was likely what did the shrinking.

Demolishor jumped a little in his seat.

“Hey! Who did that?”

“Who did what?”
Cyclonus asked?

“Somebody kicked me!”
Demolishor replied.

“Thundercracker why would you kick him?”
Said Cyclonus.

“What? I didn’t do nothin’. Why do you think I’d do somethin’ like that?”
Thundercracker said.

“Because you’re across the table from him.”

“Alright. Enough of this. It’s late. I’m going to bed.”
Skywarp said, getting up. Very upset. He walked off into the barracks.

“Wait! No, don’t-”
Wildsong said desperately.
“Ugh. D@mmit.”

She quirked her head to the side, “Of course he is. There’s variables in play. Do you know he worked alone? Do you know the reasoning? Do you know what other variables are at play?”

“The energon cube actions were quite endearing.”

Backbreaker is taken aback; he didn’t know how to respond to that, coming from one of the most infamous Decepticons from the war.

“He betrayed one of our own and got him killed! What else is there to consider?”

“I… Thank you. You seemed, timid. So I thought a piece offering of sorts would be appreciated.”
He said. Clearly the old medic wasn’t used to being complemented in such a way.

Without saying anything else, Blackout continued to hammer away at his creation. Shaping the metal to his desire.

“Motive, accomplices…things like that?” She said calmly looking down on him.

“My vivid personality is dampened by my lack of speech I tell you!”