Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Fine. You want to waste your time talking to that piece of slag be my guest. I’m gonna go power down for the night.”
Jetfire walked off into the barracks and into his cell, closing the door.

Railfire chuckled lightly.

Spirit placed a clawed hand on his shoulder, “Thank you,” she then walked over to the welded room and began to slowly peel it open, taking the torcher with her inside. Seeing the autobot she sat down at the door’s entrance and quirked her head to the side, “Hello.”

She was quite happy as she spoke mentally, “Well, it’s certainly nice to be talked to again. Back in the war I was essentially the role of pocket medic. Quite amusing at times. Maybe not the most enjoyable work, but feeling important was nice.”

Hotspot was sitting in the corner of his cell with his arms folded. Shadows cast across his face and upper body.

“Can I help you?”
He asked in a dry emotionless tone.

“I was a warrior myself. One of the best there was. Respected by my commanders and feared by my enemy. It wasn’t until after the war that I decided to become a doctor.”

“Ah-hem_,” Backbreaker clears his throat. “Well, uh, thanks.”

“Yes actually. I’d like to have a conversation,” she nodded.

“Interesting, interesting…”

Blackout turned around with a freshly crafted helmet in his claws.
“Hold still.”
Blackout then began to compare his creation to Backbreaker’s head, trying to see if he got the sizes right.

“Make it quick decepticon.”
Hotspot said sternly.

“Tell me, how did you find yourself in a place like this?”

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“What do you think of me?” She said calmly looking straight across at him.

“I…don’t remember…I was blacked out…”

Backbreaker does as he is asked.

“Thanks,” he says, grateful for the gift, and perhaps a bit touched. “But, I already have a battle mask.”

“You’re a con aren’t you? Nothing but a slag spouting, back stabbing, piece of scrap. Same as the rest of you.”

“I understand…”
Railfire went quiet for a few moments.
“My apologies. I’ve never been one for small talk.”

“This is only a start.”
Blackout said.
“If we’re going to fight, we need to prepare. If we want to have the best chances we can get, we’ll need to gear up.”

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“Well, I like to think I have a clean sounding vernacular, but you’re not entirely wrong on the last bits, not a liar…but I’m certianly not a great person. At least I don’t think I am,” she gave a small sigh, “but, can you say your side is as virtuous as it appears? Why do you think I joined the Decepticons?” She said with a neutral tone.

“Well, you’d doing really good!”

“Everyone has their own reason. Why you did it doesn’t matter.”

“Thank you.”
Railfire said happily.

“Certainly.” Machbreaker simply replies.

“Well, worth a shot. Unless there’s anything else here to look at, we should head back.” Tie-Grabber says.

He looks to see if there are any security measures around the area; cameras, guards, etc. And if it appears vacant, judges how best to get around in there.

Overclock giggled, quite pleased with himself.

“By the way, you guys seem pretty close to the old doctor. How’d that happen?”
Nebula asked.

“There’s still one room left in the ship, towards the back I think. Might be worth exploring.”

There was surprisingly no observable security. Given how long this chamber goes without use, perhaps the Vex didn’t think it worth guarding.

As it was getting late, most of the occupants in the commons went to the barracks and powered down for the night. Maximus, Axis, and Razorclaw being the only ones in the room still talking to one another.

“Well, I think I’ll tell you anyway. I was a mechanic pre-war. Ran through and kept the halls of cybertron’s data clear. It was an important job, one I enjoyed. I had minicons and the like to help me out. It was there I discovered the scandal of lost funds. That got me arrested, my face removed, my hands twisted, and my reputation destroyed. This was done under the Autobots, and by Autobots. I was angry, and got lost in that. That’s my tale,” she paused screwing out a few screws out of her stomach’s plate.

“Hm, let’s get you upgraded…we have the time!”

“I never said autobots were perfect…”
Hotspot admitted.
“But at least we knew what we were fighting for. The deceptcion menace ravaged through the galaxy in a demented quest for power. It was the decepticons that started the war. It was the decepticons that pushed our planet to the brink of destruction. Its because of the decepticons that Cybertron is feared by so many other worlds. And everyone just expects me to let that go? That just because the war ended I should get all buddy buddy with the enemy? I don’t think so.”

“Yes. Excellent idea. What with our new break out approaching on the proverbial horizons, we’ll need all the advantage we can get.”

“Incidental, trapped in office while spying. Railfire revealed he knew all about our actions, just wanted to talk. After assisting in repairing Maximus, alliance increased.” Machbreaker replied.

He let it lull for a moment, thinking it over a bit. Chance are, she would eventually learn it anyways. No point in hiding it.

“He confessed only to me that Maximus is his decedent. When he was near death, I knew we had to help. Others don’t know, I was asked not to tell.”

“Sure, let’s take a peek.” Tie-Grabber responds and heads towards that part of the ship.

Railgun opens the grate and hops down. He goes over to the chamber to get a better look at the machine.

Overclock heads over to that group, though tries to do it without being noticed.

“I see…”
Nebula said. Understanding the weight of what happened.
“Honestly, Railfire seems a lot different than other bulks. At least with how he talks to us.”

Ramjet grabbed the framed photo before following Tiegrabber to the back room.

The chamber at the end of the ship was noticeably smaller than any of the others. It had four bunks. Two on each side wall. The top left bunk was unkempt and messy. The wall and ceiling above it were covered in Norse iconography. Runes, symbols, pictures, notes, all plastered over the walls. There was a stack of data pads at the foot of the bed.

The bunk below it was noticeably more tidy, but not by much. The bed itself had noticeable burn marks. All of which looked like they had been there for a long time.

The top right bunk was the most well made of the four. Though the bed had a mild bend in the middle, as if weighed down by something.

And the bottom left bunk had it’s wall covered in different photos. All of which included Maximus, Axis, and the other two predacons. Axis being the one who took most of them. They all depicted the four in a wide variety of locations and events, some with even more other predacons that the minicons wouldn’t recognize.

Finally there was a large square hatch at the back of the room with a handle on it.

The chamber was massive. About the height of old war era bots as he would know them. There was a control panel at the base, at perfect height for a Vex to operate.

The three don’t notice him.

“Okay okay. But really. How do a predacon and a maximal like you meet each other? How does this happen?”
Razorclaw asked.

“There’s really not much to it.”
Maximus said sheepishly.
“My pals and I were visiting Iacon, I wondered off on my own, and we sorta just ran into each other.”

“Come on. There’s gotta be more to it than that.”
Razorclaw pressed.

“No. We literally ran into each other.”
Axis said with a laugh.
“I was just walking down the street and we literally hit each other. Face to face. And we sorta just got along from there.”

As most the tier 3 prisoners power down for the night, a strange unease fills the barracks. It was quiet. Something was missing. And it didn’t take long for everyone to realize what.

Juliana’s singing, love it or hate it, it was something everyone had been accustomed to. But when it was gone, the quiet was uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, as everyone in tier 2 began to power down, Bulkhead quietly got up and out of his cell. The big lug trying his best to keep quiet. He gently knocked on Luliana’s cell door and waited for a response.


“Come in!” She said.

He slowly opened the door and stepped in. He looked upset.

“You’re someone I can talk to right?”
He said nervously.

Inside the room he would she various musical items strown about the room. CD’s on a table, vinyl records on a shelf, and her combo player on a side-table.

She had her music softly playing, turned down so as not to bother anyone else.

“Of course! I’m always happy to help someone out!” She said, gesturing for him to come in.