Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

Bulkhead stepped in and sat down, learning against the wall.

“I’m… Scared. I lost a friend, and I don’t know if I can trust Hotspot anymore and… Everything just feels bad. I don’t know what to do. I just want everything to go back to how it was.”

“You and me both… I never wanted to be in teir 2… I wanted to stay in tier 3. I promised Wideload I would… and now… I feel like I’ve failed him… the winds of change are blowing Bulkhead, and they’re chilling me to the bone…”

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Wideload. That was the same bot she mentioned when she was shouting at Hotspot.

“Who is that? He sounds like he was important to you.”
The autobot asked. Curious, yet considerate.

“He was… I’m not sure how to describe him… he was a friend, yet more than a friend… he was kind, considerate, but strong-willed…he was simply the best man I had ever met… I loved him… but one day… he went too far. T-there was an escape attempt… he was a part of it, but he went as far as to attack Iota personally… and he killed him for it. The worst part of it all is, I urged him to join… it was my idea for him to try and kill Iota. He was dead, because of my foolish decision. That’s why to this day I’ve never participated in any escape attempts… I don’t ever want to be directly responsible for another bot’s death.”

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“I had a friend like that…”
Bulkhead said passively. Not sure quite where to go from there, so he decided to relate with his own experiences. Or at least try to.
“Bumblebee and I were best buds. Man we did everything together. He would always pick on some bot bigger than him and I’d have to run and save him. But he always made sure to help me out when I needed it.”
His face brightened up as he thought about old pleasant memories.
“This one time when we were in boot camp I accidentally dropped a building on our commander. He tried to take the fall for me, but I wouldn’t let him take all the blame himself. Oh man, Sentinel was so mad. He stationed us on a salvage rig for a year…”
His expression darkened again, as he realized just how long he had been trapped here. How long ago all those memories were.
“The last time I saw my little buddy was before I got caught… I miss him…”

She shivered, “If I had power, I wouldn’t be missing the things that made me happy. I can’t do what I was built for anymore. That’s on the Autobots. Your group didn’t quell the corruption and rot that was festering. The one good thing the war did was clear out the scum. The ones who sentenced my humiliation, the near slavery, and the quiet deaths? Those bots were the first to go. I can’t say I miss them either,” she stopped for a minute, “but…you have a point. I did horrible things out of anger. A simple sorry isn’t enough. For both of us really. You lost friends, I lost my reputation. A simple sorry won’t get them back,” she took a deep breath and unhinged her gut. Delicately she pulled out her spark cage. It glowed with a pleasant blue light. She set it, cords slowly stretching to follow it, in front of Hotspot, “Anger is a funny thing, leaves you empty inside when it’s done with you,” she looked up at him, “I’m sorry. I wish I could express it better, but I’m sorry for the friends you lost.” She took her hand off the spark cage, “I don’t know what you’re going to do really…”

“Just tell me how to help!”

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Hotspot shifted uncomfortably. Why would she do this? Expose herself, make herself so vulnerable to an enemy? He glanced at the spark, but did his best to keep his focus on her facial area.

“Why do you care so much? Nothing you’re going to say will change my mind. I’m sure that much is obvious. So why make the effort?”

“Well… In all honesty I’m not sure where to begin. Self modification has never been something I’ve cared to try.”

“Do you think that someone can redeem themselves? Washout their mistakes? No matter, your question comes first. I’m here to get your side of things so I can act accordingly. I remember the stories told about you and your team. You were heroes. I want to know what a hero does with a broken killer,” she said softly looking down at the table.

“So you’re saying I should add the modifications? Sounds fun!”

Hotspot began to see what she was trying to do. And he didn’t much care for it. Putting him in such a precarious position.

“Protectabot Commander Hotspot… The hero… Died with his team.”
He tool the spark chamber and firmly, yet as carefully as possible, put it back in her hands.
“Look… I did what I did for the good of everyone. If nobody was turned in we would have starved… Steeljaw was just the easiest choice.”

“That isn’t exactly what I had in mind-”
Railfire said rather hesitantly.
“But… I suppose… It isn’t a terrible idea.”

She froze as he picked up her literal heart and then stared at it back in her hands. She paused staring at it, “You had nothing to lose by breaking this…nothing at all. Everyone has turned against you for your decision. Eliminating me wouldn’t have added to the consequences any more then what’s already been done,” she paused for a moment, “I can’t say I disagree. I just wish…well…that you’d given someone the opportunity to die a meaningful death instead of dying alone and scared, but then again. I’m not the leader, I’m the scared con in the corner,” she sighed fitting her heart back inside. Her wings unfolded, her height diminished and her bulky looking backpack cape returned. The tall formidable bot wasn’t there anymore. She looked up at the autobot, “If you want me as an ally…I will be.”

She laughed, “It’s going to be fun!”

“I’d be lying if I said the thought didn’t disgust me.”
Hotspot said.
“But… You’ve given me something to think about.”

“It will be… Interesting to say the least. I’ll trust you to see it though.”

“Actions speak louder then words, and yours just now have earned my trust, if you want it. Well, I think I shall be giving it no matter if you want it or not…it’s up to you to return the feeling…”[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:3339, topic:51098”]
“It will be… Interesting to say the least. I’ll trust you to see it though.”

“I’ll get to work with guns!”

“You caught me off guard. That’s all.”
He said firmly.

“If you wish, though I’ve only ever been known to use blades.”

“Considering how gently you just handled my heart? No, your actions aren’t lining up with your words. You didn’t roughly shove it back at me, or clench it in anger. You held it like it was precious. That’s enough for me,” she said softly.

“Well it’s not like a powerup mode will give you…bigger blades…maybe energon charged…that might work…still some sort of firepower might be useful…”

“Look, do you have anything else you want to talk about? Because if not I’d rather shut down for the night.”
He said aggressively. Clearly getting agitated.

“Do what you like, just be reasonable.”

“I’m going to stay here, give the worn out hero a hug, and let you rest. It’s quite possible someone will be here to kill you,” she stood up taking a step closer.

“Well we’ll work on the blueprints together.”

“And I guess there’s no stopping you on that is there?”
Hotspot said, clearly not pleased with the idea.

“That sounds like a good idea. Though as I’ve likely made clear, in not all too sure where to begin.”

“No, I’m afraid not,” she stood right in front of him, “I have a job now.”

“The back, it’s where the most space is.”

Backbreaker nods, and holds out his hands to take the helmet.

“Fine. Just get it over with.”
Hotspot said begrudgingly.

“Logical. But what do we do with that space?”

He hands off the helmet and begins work on the next piece.