Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

She proceeded to do just that and gave the grouchy autobot a hug. Not a long one however. She then stepped back, “Get some rest, you’ll probably need it.”

“Jetpack maybe? Flying about with swords would be useful.”

“Equally underestimated. Quiet, background, helpers, and most deadly. Perhaps he sees us as brothers in arms.” Machbreaker contemplated.

The hatch ends up catching Tie-Grabber’s attention more than the rest.

“Hey Ramjet, why do you think there would be a hatch here? Wanna open it?” Tie-Grabber asks.

He climbs up to the control panel, if he can, to check out the controls to see if he can determine what options are available.

Overclock lets out an audible groan from the sheer cheese.

“And you’re really not leaving?”

“Now that is certainly a welcome suggestion. Additional mobility is always useful.”

“Maybe. Might pay off to stick with the old timer when we all get out of here.”

“Always worth a look.”
Ramjet said. He walked over and lifted the hatch. It was dense and heavy.
“You’re gonna have to run in. I don’t know how well I could open this from inside.”

The controls were simple. An activation button and various different settings beside it. All with the intended purpose of shrinking, and controlling the precise level of shrinkage.

“Hey did you hear something?”
Maximus asked.

“Hear what?”
Axis replied.

“I don’t know. I just heard, something.

“I don’t plan to. We don’t need another dead body, and that could easily happen if you’re all alone.”

“Mhm! I’m sure you’d be scary! Say…do you have intangibility tech lying about?”

Backbreaker does a bit of a double-take; he wasn’t expecting to be receiving a full set of armor.

“Hmph. Fine.”
Hotspot said. He lied down on his charge bed and rolled over, facing the wall.

“Phase ■■■■■ technology is something far beyond what I’m provided.”

“I suggest you go back to the barracks. Its getting late, and I’m gonna be here for a while. Got a lot of work ahead of me.”

She sat down facing the door waiting for something to occur.

“Too bad…swords that phase through people zapping them with lightning would be quite cool.”

No one tried to disturb them for the night.

“You’re quite the creative little sort aren’t you?”

Backbreaker nods and departs.

She was sitting on the ground. Her face staring at the entrance in the morning. Her face having a blank “_” blinking as she observed the situtation.[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:3356, topic:51098”]
“You’re quite the creative little sort aren’t you?”

She felt a bit of embarrassment, “Heh, heh I guess…”

“Perhaps in retirement. Need to complete other missions after escape first.” Machbreaker replies.

Tie-Grabber shrugs and dives in.

He looks to see if there are any options to reverse the shrinking.

Overclock freezes and tries to remain silent.

“Yeah. I get that. I’m sure as busy as you are, you guys got a ton planned after we get out. Us on the other hand, not so much.”

The chamber beneath was dark. He would find himself surrounded by densely packed machinery. It was clearly the engines room.

At the far end of the chamber were two glowing green lights, barely visible in the darkness.

There was no such option, as the Vex never intended to undo the process. However with enough time and tampering, it could be possible.

The three wait a few moments in quiet. After nothing happens, Razorclaw stood up.
“Well this has been great, but I think I’m gonna hit the sack.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”
Axis said. Both she and Maximus got up, and the three of them walked off to the barracks.

“No plan, objective. We can’t plan, lacking information.”

Tie-Grabber tries to make his way towards the lights to get a better look. Feeling his way around in the darkness.

What a shame, but figures. If there is nothing else of interest in the room, or at least nothing else eye catching, Railgun climbs back up the vent.

Overlock waited, deciding it was a bit too dangerous to try anything else and goes back to his master.

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“Same difference. Point is you have something in mind.”
At this time the two would be getting close back to the medical ward.

For someone of predacon or maximal size, navigating the engine chamber in the dark would be a challenge. But Tiegrabber would have little issue.

As he made his way to the back, he would hit something large and angular. Clearly a part of whatever the lights were for.

Now that he could get a better look at the lights themselves, they were also rather angular in shape. Almost like optics of some sort. Faintly illuminating the red metal around them.

However, without a light of his own, Tiegrabber wouldn’t be able to make out any further details.

Clawshot was waiting for him.
“So did ya find what we were looking for?”

As he made his way back into the barracks, he would find all the others sleeping. Save for a strange dim light coming from Maximus’ cell.

“It is nothing to be ashamed of. I find it quite admirable in fact.”

“Aw thanks!”


Spirit looked back at Hotshot and then looked back at the door.


Clustershot wandered about looking for someone to converse while whistling Yankee Doodle Dandee down the halls of the prison.

Backbreaker decides to investigate.

Elsewhere, Oddball wanders the coliseum, trying his best to look inconspicuous. He searches for something to do, people to talk to, and mischief to sow.

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Maximus was laying in his charge bed, Axis by his side, already asleep.

The predacon was flipping through old pictures, one of his three optic lenses holographically projecting the imagines a short distance from his face. He didn’t notice Backbreaker’s approach.

As late as it was, very few were out and about. Though after wondering for a while, Oddball would come across Jetfire of all bots, who seemed to be aimlessly meandering, deep in his own thoughts.

“Now then, were to start. That jetpack suggestion sounded quite promising. Perhaps we should begin there.”

Hotspot was already asleep. Outside, she might be able to hear Bulkhead going to Juliana’s room, and speaking to her. Though it was quiet, and of little significance.

Skywarp was likewise walking around. While not actively looking for someone to talk to, he probably wouldn’t mind it.

Backbreaker decides to leave Maximus alone, figuring that this was a more private moment for the Predacon that he didn’t want to disturb. He heads back to his own cell to power down for the night.

Oddball cocks his head to one side. What was Jetfire down out here- and so late, too? He waits a moment to observe the Autobot before proceeding.

Jetfire continued on, not noticing Oddball. He looked troubled about something.

She gave a mental sigh, “I suppose I’ll detach then…”

She didn’t pay it much mind and started to think out where a possible foe would come from.[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:3365, topic:51098”]
Skywarp was likewise walking around. While not actively looking for someone to talk to, he probably wouldn’t mind it.

Clustershot grinned, “Hey! Seeker! Up for a friendly chat?” He asked with a laugh. His eyes gleamed red as he gave a friendly looking wave at the purple jet, “It’s Hotlink right?”