Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“That would probably be for the best if we are to continue.”

There was only the one door. If anyone wanted in, they would have to come through there.

“Skywarp actually.”
The seeker said, in his usual dry and less than enthusiastic tone. He didn’t seem off-putting at all, mostly just tired.

Oddball figures that he couldn’t easily ask Jetfire what was troubling him, but he could endeavor to lift the Autobot’s spirits through some shenanigans. He looks for an air vent in the walls or ceiling that he could weasel his way into.

There was indeed a vent grate just above Jetfire’s head level, right in front of his path. And another not too far from Oddball, through which he could enter.

She clicked off with a hiss. Her auto transformation began and she rolled onto the ground. She went over and picked up her sign and nodded.

She prepped one of her rockets and waited.

“Ahhhh! The other purple seeker! What led to that by the way? Was one of you white, but you mixed up your armor in the wash?” He laughed and extended a hand. He seemed fairly good natured, “After all,” he thought, “If this punk wants trouble…I’ll give it to him!”

“So, where should we begin? Installing a new piece of hardware is no small task. There is much work ahead of us, mostly in designing the attachment.”
Railfire asked.

There was still no activity.

Skywarp accepted the handshake.
“You’re pretty… Lively. Don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

She nodded and pulled out a sheet of blueprint paper.

She continued waiting. Snipers were very, very patient.[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:3373, topic:51098”]
Skywarp accepted the handshake.
“You’re pretty… Lively. Don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

“Nope! Just woke up and all that! Blew up a few walls…got tazed, got tazed again after talking to our pleasant guards…Quite a day!”

“It would be beneficial to have this jetpack worked into my own systems, rather than trying to fit in its own fuel and propulsion.”

“Hm. Well you sure picked one hell of a time to wake up. Two new recruits, talk of a revolution, and a public execution all just in a couple weeks.”
Skywarp said. Though still not sounding all too energetic about any of it.

She nodded, and wrote out, “Indeed. I’ll just power it up.”

“Oh? Revolution? I like the sound of that! Where do we sign up eh?” He laughed.

“Perhaps you should run down to the forge and get some metal, so that we may begin.”

“Don’t waste your time. Its only going to get people killed.”

She wrote down, “Where’s the forge?”[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:3377, topic:51098”]
“Don’t waste your time. Its only going to get people killed.”

“Those who sacrifice freedom for security, deserve neither and will lose both! No way you’re going to get anywhere with that attitude!” He laughed, “Heh, heh, heh!”

Oddball examines the vent closest to him, to see if he could crawl inside it.

As is it would be cramped, but with a bit of reshaping it would be easy.

“It’s not security. It’s common sense. There have been a lot of attempts. Every one a bigger failure than the last. I’ve watched people die. Firends die. At this point it’s just not worth the effort.”

“Do you know where the training arena is?”
Railfire asked.

“You don’t?” Machbreaker asks, though in a half-hearted way as they were near back.

He decides to tap and knock on the thing to try and determine if its empty or full of machinery inside.

“It appears so, this is the processing area. We should report back the finding.” Railgun says as he starts trekking back.

“Nope. The only plan I have in mind is to kick back with my boys. Maybe stick with that predacon, since he’s my partner and all. But outside of that we really don’t have anything planned.”

It seemed that part of it was full, with a hollow space at the front.

“So do ya think we could hotwire that thing to unshrink some of the bulks?”
Clawshot asked as he followed.

Oddball dismantles himself and weasels his way into the vent, trying to keep silent as he flew through it by avoiding the walls as best he could.

Jetfire continued to walk forward, taking no notice of Oddball’s shenanigans.

Oddball continues to follow Jetfire through the vents. He could drop out of the other vent and try to jumpscare the Autobot, but that was too cliche for his tastes.

Jetfire continued forward. It seemed he was going towards the arena.

“That’s the cost of freedom,” he said…he didn’t laugh when he said that. Then he shrugged it off, “Besides, nothing good comes of never trying!” He laughed, “So, how have you seen a small dune buggy minicon around?”

She stared at him blankly and shook her head.

“I’ve never cared about the minicons. They all look the same to me.”
Skywarp said, ignoring the first two comments.

“Out the door, and down the hall to the left. The training arena is the first door, a ways away. And the Forge is the next room after that.”