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Is the training arena open yet?

I’ve decided to make a change for Tier 1. Instead of being a general collection of elite fighters, it’s more of an Elite 4 situation. One individual from each faction. There can only be four at a time, so if one is to ascend, the one of their same faction will be demoted.

I’ve picked the decepticon and predacon, but haven’t chosen the other two yet, which I’m currently working on.

The autobot should be Impactor.

An excelent suggestion, but I’ve already made my choice.

I’ll keep the identities of the four secret for now. I want to give each of them the dramatic reveal which their status deserves, like I did for Grimlock.

As for my suggestion. I would appreciate if some of us (perhaps including me) will be doing some fights in the Arena? Because, I for once, am getting kind of tired and in the end, a bit bored of just interacting…so yeah.

Right. I can throw one of your characters into a fight real quick.

Thank the allspark.

Ahem. I meant, Thank you. :smile:

Actually not true, he is exceptional in hand-to-hand martial arts fighting, that’s his shtick. But other than that yeah, you are pretty right.

For some reason I like the idea that the two bots who didn’t register their Megatron wins being Juliana and Gronius. I don’t know why.

Wait, what about Megatron?

Oddball is fighting an extremely difficult simulation of Megatron, only 3 people have beaten it, Grimlock, and 2 others that didn’t save the record.

Sure, make it Gronius and Juliana.

Not really my decision, I just like the idea.

Of the lot of us, Gronius is the strongest, and Juliana has been here long enough to have figured out how the simulation acts, thereby making it predictable, and easier to defeat.

As you’ll soon see, Megatron, even if just a simulation of Megatron, is far too much for a Tier 2 or 3 to handle.

Backbreaker actually.

I’m sorry but I have to announce that I’ll be dropping out of the RP, because I simply don’t have the time for it…I thought I would…but I’m not really anymore in a RPing mood…so I’ll have to concentrate on whatever “RPing Energy” I have left with my own RP and get it done eventually. You can just ignore my characters from now own, fighting in the arena till their last breath.

Very well.

Weird question, but in the sim datacase, are there sims of the other captives?

That’s what all of the presets are. Plus a couple others like Optimus Prime and Megatron.

So… Juliana can fight herself then?