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Herself, or any of the other NPCs or PCs.


Plus some major historical figures.

Megatron, Optimus, Ultra Magnus, and Starscream

Well, now we have a mystery to solve if you’re willing to play along!

I was trying to give average statistics. Slightly above average maybe.

Why would anyone fight her?

I said she was deliberately a nobody. The only person fighting her sim should be herself, and the occasional bot losening up for an upcoming fight.

In addition, why would you fight a sim when the real person is close by?

Intentional losses or no, she’s among the higher ranked of tier 3, as you’ve said before. Fighters like her, Hotshot, and maybe Thundercracker would be good opponents for rookies. Good, but not too good. The kind of enemy you grind against for a while to improve your skill. Besides, the total number of wins and losses accounts for repeat attempts. So that 23 could easily have a low number of individuals losing repeatedly.

Simulations are impersonal, and can be adjusted. They also don’t have schedules and personal lives to work around when setting up a match.

You know her personality. She’ll gladly go out of her way to help someone out. It simply doesn’t make sense for her, that’s all. Your logic makes perfect sense for the others.

I’m basically trying to make something for me to do. Wandering around and talking is fun and all, but it gets a bit boring after a while.

Kinda why I’ve been in and out of Chrome’s RP recently. All the mysteries seem to be taken right now. (Something I’ve been meaning to tell him actually.)

Oh you never know, perhaps some that are even less than nobodies.


On a similar note, how do the sims work per say? Something the Vex made and only they have access to who is included or could some of the characters add others? To the best that they can understand the device, that is.

If this is true, i can make this mystery work with Max’s reasoning.

I’m trying alright. The setting doesn’t exactly have much room for freedom.

The simulator has a creator function where one can design a custom opponent, similar to the cast and handle fabricator in the forge.

So if one wanted to, one could create a preset based on someone who isn’t in the database.

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As a bit of a quick explanation about why Juliana ran out, she’s very self-conscious about her fighting and dancing, similar to the Olivia charecters I based her off of.

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Can someone hit me up with a recap of what’s happened since I last posted?
I’m really sorry I haven’t posted, it moved really quickly and I just lost track of everything.

What’s the last thing you remember?

Having Brunt talk to Hotshot about escape.

Was that before or after the one week timeskip?

I presume it was before, I don’t specifically remember a timeskip.

Just so everyone knows, @Toa_Vladin has been banned from the MB. However, the circumstances around it are questionable, and I’m working to get it sorted out. In the mean time, I’ll be handling his characters.

do what? How?

What do you mean?