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How did he get banned? What topic was the “Agressive, rule-breaking behavior” on?

That’s what I’m trying to find out.

But for now, let’s keep our focus on the game at hand.

Agreed. It was just a bit of blindside.

I’m on.

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Hold on, do you know if Vladin is fine with you using his characters?

Yes. He specifically asked me to.


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@Chromeharpoon @ajtazt @ProfSrlojohn

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve asked this, and after everything that’s happened recently I figured now would be a good time to ask again.

How are you guys enjoying the game so far? I plan on asking this question regularly, as to get consistent feedback and make things as fun and enjoyable as I can.

Since the last time I’ve gotten feedback I’ve made efforts to improve the pacing, give the players more freedom to do what they want, give characters more to do between matches, and make certain characters a bit more consistent.

How would you say I’ve done on these goals? Anything you think I could improve on currently?

And finally, I want you guys to remember I’m always open to and looking for suggestions. Anything from a new room or station that gives characters things to do, to event and plot ideas.

Anything you guys come up with that you would think could improve your enjoyment of the game, please be sure to bring to me.

Pretty good so far, no major complaints besides the lack of progress on that one plot idea, but there’s not really been a chance for any.

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@MaximusPrimal Doesn’t Axis have a translator on her?

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That she does… And I now remember this is the second time I’ve remembered that fact…

For crying out loud…

Alright. I’ll fix it. Give me a second.

Okay, maybe it’s just me.

But every bot in this place has the emotional awareness of teaspoon I swear. Along with a heathly lack of common sense and logical thinking.

If someone nearly killed my friend or shot me in the arm, I’d probably hold a grudge too.

Not him, him I get, it’s everybody else in this place! Every is so irrational!

Okay, so Max and Axis make a little sense, if you were just plucked from everything you knew, I’d be a little off balance, but this is a bit far.

As for the NPC’s, you’d think that the fighting in an arena like this would teach people not to hold blood feuds, but apparently not.

None of it makes any sense! I’m trying to understand these people, at least enough so I can pretend like I can at lease understand what sort of vibe they give off, but then they act so bizzare, I can’t figure it out!

So are you talking about Hotshot? He’s the only one that fits what you’re talking about.

Everyone else hasn’t been all that agitated.

Every NPC seems to be on edge, just in watching the other PC’s interact with them. It just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, you would adapt to this life after a few months, and it would become normal. Just, it seems like whoever it is, from the doctor to the tier 2’s just all seem ticked off for no apparent reason.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s the feeling I get.

I don’t exactly see what you’re seeing.

Railfire is more stoic than anything else.

No one else has really been ticked off. The most I can imagine are the few who questioned whether or not they could trust Maximus after he went mental in the arena.

Name: Spirit
Faction: Deception.
Alt mode: A B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
Weapons: Sniper Rifle (Not shown in picture, but it as a stock sniper rifle with cybernetic design.) Arm Missiles that she can fire off. Her hands can reveal razor sharp claws.
Abilities: She can turn herself invisible to eyesight, radar, and heat. She has auto-aim programmed into her head. She can speak min-icon as some of the more animalistic ones were good friends during her demeaned state pre-war.
Bio: She was a highly skilled technician pre-war. She was a fairly normal Cybertronian. She was not too cheery or too harsh. She was a neutral person, kind, but not outgoing. She eventually found out about corruption deep within the Cybertronian Senate and when she became a whistle-blower she was cut down quickly. She found herself tied down and empurata was preformed on her. This left her with three fingered hands and a glassy face. Shortly after, the war began. She joined the side of the Decepticons and fought gallantly in the war. She fought fair, and unlike most of her compatriots didn’t torture anyone. However, that didn’t mean she wasn’t consumed by her desire for revenge on those who wronged her. Her kills were clean and painless, and efficient. The war moved to Earth. This started to shake her vengeance and she wavered. The beauty of earth, the simplicity of the Switzerland towns were she landed. That’s when she started to slip. She got attacked by Autobots and started to develop PTSD from being hunted across the globe, being far away from support. Then she was taken, and the current events began.

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Huh. That would be the third sniper character at this point. Cool.

Just one more and we can start a club.

Not fully opposed to this, but it needs to have a weakness of some kind. An imperfection with the ability. Like only being able to do one at a time, or something like that. Whatever it is, that’s up to you.

But aside from that one issue, I really like this character.

Now in order to know how much I need to fill you in on, I need to know how much you’ve read out of this topic. I got some exciting ideas for how to involve her with some of the cast.

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Hm, say it has a loading time of thirty minutes? I was basing this power off the design of the S.H.I.E.L.D. planes and their cloaking. That’d be best seen in homecoming with the plane not camouflaging when it was damaged by Vulture. That’s the tech I was basing it off of.

TLR gave me a summary of what has happened so far plot wise. I assume my character would either be new or newly revealed. I did read the topic post though.

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So the cloaking doesn’t work if sufficiently damaged? That could work.

That’ll take some time, compiling all the NPCs, locations, and plot points into one post. So you’ll have to give me a bit on that one.

As for your character, she could easily be a bot that’s been around for a while, and like I said I have some ideas that would really make her fit in.