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What do you mean by TLR?


All I can say in response is this:



Yay! I’ve made enemies!

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Alright everybody! I’m gonna need a list of all active characters. (Minicons need not apply)

I’ll be starting the tournament soon. Brackets will be completely randomized, including every named NPC and PC. Including the four tier fighters, as well as Grimlock.

Once I get a list of everyone, I’ll build the brackets, and the Tournament of Terror can begin!

See what I did there?

If the Railroad Team gets thrown into the tournament, I would be more than fine with that. My characters might not be so thrilled with the news, but could make for fun drama.

The thing is Iota hardly knows they exist. The Vex view minicons as little more than rats in the walls, and pay them even less mind than the larger bots do. If they could combine into a larger form like Armada Perceptor, or maybe went out of their way to get noticed, then they’d probably be forced to fight. As is they go completely under the radar.

Juliana and Ivory. As I’m sure you know.

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Backbreaker and Oddball are still here.

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I’m still game.

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So how’s everyone enjoying the game at the moment?

I do apologize for the painfully slow pace. I promise we’re right on the cusp of a big plot point, which should get things moving again. There’s just one thing I need to get through first.

Still enjoying it so far. Life has just gotten extra busy as of late, hence my slower amount of replies.

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That’s fine. Perfectly understandable.

Other than the random, somewhat confusing and/or illogical hit of information on how this joint is run, it’s good for me. (I really need to get that Simulator subplot going.)

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I apologize for the confusion. Though I’ve done my best to describe the setting and how it’s laid out. If you have an idea for an additional detail like that, it’d be best that you ask about it first before trying to work it in.

Less that, it’s just Iota’s logic behind how he runs parts of this place are still kinda illogical.

I’ll admit, the exact specifics of how this place runs wasn’t my top priority when working out the plot for this game. Again, if you have suggestions for improvement, I’d be happy to hear them.

Give me a day, and I’ll give a document.

For right now, my aforementioned different sized room thing. It makes sense for him to want the inmates exstatic for battle. To be craving the next fight, and as it is, I just don’t get that feeling.

Iota doesn’t exactly do positive reinforcement. He’s a cruel and sadistic overseer, punishing poor performances.

Disappoint the masses, you disappoint the master. Disappoint the master, you get the metaphorical whip. The prisoners fight not for hope of reward, but for fear of failure.

The most effective way to bind someone to you is to do both. While positive reinforcement wouldn’t last as long if the stimulus is removed, in this situation, the stimulus will never be removed, in which case positive reinforcement is the quicker, more effective option. If he is remotely scientific about this, or at least hired a psycologist, he would know this. Also gives less incentive for escapes. If it has to be one or the other, positive is the smarter way to go, but if both is the option, both is the way to go.