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From a logical standpoint, yes, positive reinforcement would work better. But also keep in mind, Iota is a games master lording over what he sees as primitive savages. Hiring a psychologists or trying to be scientific would be a waste in his eyes. Rewarding only the exceptional. Hence the tier system.

Plus, from a story point of view, a master who operates under broken spirits and fear mongering makes for a better villain.

Okay, I had an idea, how about this, Iota’s been more successful than he anticipated, and doesn’t have enough cells. Since he can’t be bothered to build more, he just sticks newcomers into random closets and things. What dies he care?

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That definitely works.

It also gives a better explanation about why the minicons live in the walls, they take up valuable space for bots who bring in more revenue.

That’s honestly a bit of a different story. Iota barely acknowledges minicons, as do most of the prisoners. They’re a lot like rats in a way. Living in holes and dens wherever they can find them, doing their best to get by and not be stepped on.

I just mean it provides another reason he dislikes them.

Dislikes implies that he acknowledges or cares that they’re there. Which he doesn’t.

Another note, I would presume Iota would crush any sort of chances at romance within the ranks, as love gives people hope, and in this sorta situation, hope is bad for buisness.

What he notices, yeah he’d probably try to breakup. But the long time spent in extensive commercial success, as well as stomping out every escape attempt yet attempted, he’s become complacent. Looking over a lot. So if you’re careful enough, you can slip under the radar.

And now I have a picture for Rectifier! Obviously not done by me, this was commissioned from Oomatu/Matthew Griffith.


This is awesome! I love the hybrid decepticon minicon insignia.

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Yes, Oomatu did a really good job with that, one of my favorite parts. I might see about getting my main three guys done as well…but I still need to more definitively define how they look. Rectifier has been the only one so far in which I have a very good idea of what he should look like.

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Who’d you get for the commission? I’d love to have some work done of my own characters in that style.

Like I said in the original post and the second, Oomatu/Matthew Griffith. His information, and other examples of his work, can be found below:

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Just a note, I would think Juliana even marginally be involved would be a pretty good reason. Do what you want though.

Backbreaker just name-dropped her.

Cool. Just felt like pointing it out. It was something I never thought about until recently. Since Juliana has a fair bit of renown, using her as proof means something.

Alright! Finally got the rostet set up. And through the power of a random number generator, the tournament can finally begin.

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