Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

Myriad nodded.

Maximus stood up and Axis transformed to her beast mode. Maximus was just about to take, but he quickly stopped himself.
“Can any of you fly?”
He asked.

Whetstone shook his head. Treadfin said, “Nope.” Myriad said, “Sorry, big guy.”

Maximus spread his wings out wide.
“In that case climb on. I can carry you all there.”

The three cybertronians clambered onto Maximus’ back and held on tight.

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With a single powerful beat of his wings, Maximus was in the air. He wasn’t able to go quite as fast as usual due to the added weight, but it didn’t bother him much. He flew over to a cave entrance that was high above the valley. There was a large stone ledge for him and Axis to land on.

After they touched down, Maximus lowered one wing to the ground for his passengers to easily climb down.

Whetstone and Treadfin both hopped off, and Myriad patted Maximus’ shoulder. “Thanks!”

“No problem.”
Maximus said.

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Treadfin advanced to the entrance to the cave. “IS this is? looks nice so far.”

Maximus and Axis transform into their robot modes.

“Yep. This is home.”
Axis said. Maximus lead the way in.

The entrance was a somewhat lengthy cave leading to a large central chamber. Before entering, Axis used her hand blaster and shot down the cave. The laser blast hit and ignited several torches leading down the path.

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Whetstone smiled. “Fancy.”

Myriad gestured towards the cave. “Lead the way! you guys know the place better than us.”

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Maximus starts walking down the cave. The ceiling was just low enough that he had to duck a little bit, but the others would pass through just fine.

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Ic: Myriad, Treadfin, and Whetstone follow Maximus through the cave.

When they eventually reached the main chamber, some automatic lights activated in the ceiling. They seemed bare bones and rudimentary. The walls were smooth stone with spots of technological detail.

To one side there was a rather large pad made form grass and leaves. There was a pile of mechanimal carcasses in the corner. There was also a large circular stone uptight, and connected to an odd looking old fashioned motor.

Maximus walked up to the stone and flipped a switch. The stone began to spin rapidly, and he used it to sharpen his two blades.


Myriad looked around, impressed. Treadfin examined the technology, and Whetstone inspected the whetstone.

Axis walked over to the mat and sat down.
“So what do you think? Simple I know, but it’s home.”

Myriad smiled. “I love it.”

Whetstone offered some tips to help with Maximus’ sharpening.

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“Thanks. I’m sure the living spaces in your craft are a lot different to this.”

“Thanks, but I’ve owned these for a long time. I know what I’m doing.”

Myriad nodded. “A little more… modern, perhaps. Other than that, there’s not much difference.”

Whetstone nodded. "That’s cool. Just thought I’d offer.’

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“I think I’ll miss our bed the most.”
Axis said, laying down in the grass pad.